Sunday, February 08, 2009

Menu Plan Monday - Week of 2/08

Back to reality! After a fabulous weekend spent with Toni and Joy, and lots of other amazing bloggers at Blissdom, it is time to get back to menu planning, grocery shopping and freezer cooking this week. And it's also time to get back on track with watching what I eat and monitoring portion sizes and water intake. That went completely out the window over the weekend!

We need to do our monthly grocery shopping ASAP. Hopefully we'll go tomorrow, but it all depends on how organized I am with the planning. If I'm not able to get it done by mid-morning tomorrow, we might have to wait until Tuesday. I realized on the plane ride home that I was missing a great time for getting all that planning done. But since I didn't have all my lists, I'll just have to find a good time to do it now. At least I'll have the first week planned, so that's a good start.


  • M - Tuna pasta, carrot sticks
  • T - Quesadillas, apple slices
  • W - Veggie roll-ups, yogurt
  • Th - Hummus & pitas, pears, celery sticks
  • F - Pizza pockets, applesauce
  • S - Surprise Valentine's lunch (details later this week)
  • Su - Chicken & wild rice soup
  • M - Ham, homemade spaetzle, ginger carrots
  • T - Beef & rice enchiladas w/ pepper-jack sauce, salad
  • W - Blackened chicken, some kind of potato dish, green beans
  • Th - Ham and asparagus frittata
  • F - Florentine stuffed shells, Italian breadsticks
  • S - Kids will have a fun Valentine's dinner (probably something from this list) and Eric and I will have a date-night-at-home dinner while watching Fireproof. Our dinner: Breaded chicken topped with artichoke heart sauce, rice timbales (in a heart shape), hearts of palm and zucchini salad
Looking for some more Valentine's day inspiration? Follow along this week for A Valentine’s Exchange of Ideas and Inspiration, sponsored by Parenting the Tiniest of Miracles. Here's the line up for the week:
  • Monday: I share some Valentine-y meal ideas right here.
  • Tuesday: Laura hosts a special Gratituesday about things we love to be thankful for at Heavenly Homemakers.
  • Wednesday: JessieLeigh shares fun ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day with little ones at Parenting the Tiniest of Miracles.
  • Thursday: Jessica hosts a Recipe for your Sweetie Swap over at Life as MOM.
  • Friday: Amy rounds out the week with a special Finer Valentine Things Friday at The Finer Things in Life.
Be sure to visit us each day, as there is a very nice prize involved that you won’t want to miss! Be sure to share your ideas, too! We could all use a little Valentine inspiration.

Also, don't forget to stop by Laura's blog for almost 500 more menu plans for this week.


Sara 11:05 PM  

sounds like a great date night -- we're hoping to watch Fireproof this weekend too! have a great week.

Tasha 12:03 AM  

Sounds great! I can't wait to watch Fireproof as my husband has already completed his test to be a firefighter and is just waiting to be called.

Georgie 6:17 AM  

Wow!! That's wonderful listing of Valentines Day meal... I'm impressed!! 11:59 AM  

Great to meet you this weekend and excited to see that you do freezer cooking! Maybe we can collaborate sometime in the future! :)

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