Thursday, February 12, 2009

4 Kids, A Bed and Some Chocolate Chips

Nothing makes my heart happier then seeing the love my children have for each other. They truly are friends (at least when they are not fighting) and they enjoy each other immensely!

They also take after Eric and me in enjoying the simple things. We encourage this and love watching them shun material things in favor of the Finer Things!

This morning I was making banana chocolate chip muffins. As soon as the kids heard that chocolate chip bag open, they all came running in the kitchen asking for a few. I decided to be a fun mom and give them all a treat. I pulled a 1/2 c. measuring cup out of a drawer and filled it with chocolate chips. I gave that to Isabelle and the little kids each got a tiny prep bowl. I told Isabelle she was in charge of doling out the chips and make sure everyone got an equal portion. Then I sent them on their way.

A few minutes later, realizing that the house was awfully quiet, I decided to see where they had gone. I looked in all the usual places. No kids! Then, I heard some laughter coming from behind the closed master bedroom door. I opened it and saw this...
All 4 kids were snuggled in bed, happily munching on their share of chocolate chips. There was no tv on. There were no toys. It was just 3 sisters and a brother enjoying each other and a special treat. I snapped a few pictures.

Then I quietly shut the door and left. I wanted them to have this moment to enjoy on their own. I wanted them to build a memory of what it is like to grow up in a home surrounded by the love of your siblings.Stop by Amy's blog for more Finer Things Friday and What Works For Us for more Photostory Friday.


Amy @ Finer Things 11:09 PM  

That third picture... Gracie's expression... what a hoot! It's a blessing to capture such moments.

Jennifer 12:38 AM  

Aww! What a sweet post. Times like this is all the thanks you need for being a mom. :)

Tiaras and Tantrums 12:39 AM  

beautiful and SO true!

The Bertone's 8:11 AM  

That is so cute! Awesome! I wish my three would get along that good.

JessieLeigh 8:45 AM  

What a beautiful moment you captured! Those will be pictures to treasure, for sure. My two are best buddies and it warms my heart like nothing else. I hope and pray this third child blends right into the mix and they form a happy group... just like your beautiful children!

Wendi 12:04 PM  

Very sweet pictures. My kids are great friends, too. And like yours, they too come running when they hear me open up a bag of chocolate chips!

Kelly Deneen 2:41 PM  

awwwww that is the sweetest post!

Sandi 6:55 PM  

So sweet! And I bet they even saved some chocolate chips for you to find that night in bed! ;)

Carrie and Troy Keiser 10:44 PM  

Great post! Fun shots!

Niki 9:28 PM  

AHHH, although those moments are few and far between they are sweet when they do happen. Great that yuou captured that on film.

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