Wednesday, January 07, 2009

The Jacket Dilema

I have needed a new winter jacket for the past few years. However, like so many of us moms do, I kept pushing my needs aside in favor of other things. Not to mention, I spent quite a few of those years pregnant and buying a new jacket during those times just isn't a very smart idea.

So this year, Eric finally twisted my arm enough and convinced me that I was going to finally get a new jacket. To help matters, we had a gift card for Kohl's that we received as a Christmas present. And the after-Christmas sales at Kohl's are phenomenal!

I fell in love with the first jacket I tried on. But I couldn't just take the first jacket I saw. I had to see what other options were available and price compare. There was a second jacket that I liked, although I didn't like it as much as the first. It also wasn't as warm as the first jacket. However, it did cost $20 less.

I couldn't decide and the kids needed a potty break, so we threw both jackets in the cart and headed toward the bathrooms. Eric took Alex and Olivia while I waited with the other two and debated over the jackets. My frugal-minded brain could just not let go of the fact that there was a $20 price difference between the two. I finally decided that I should go with the less-expensive option. Even though it wasn't as warm and I didn't like it as much, it seemed the wisest financial choice.

When Eric and the kids came back, I told him I had decided on the second jacket. He shrugged his shoulders, (he knew how much I liked the first one) and asked if it had anything to do with the cost. I said no. He shrugged but accepted my answer. As we walked back to the jacket section, he told me all the things he liked about the first jacket. I completely agreed with him, but I still felt torn. So I said, "okay, maybe it does have a little to do with the price." He laughed and put the second jacket back on its rack. We bought the first one.

And you know what? I'm so glad that we did! I just love my new jacket. It is so warm. It has cuffed sleeves that keep the snow out and a soft collar that keeps my neck nice and toasty. I think the color is fantastic. I don't know if I've ever owned any clothing this shade of green before, but I like the difference. I know I wouldn't have felt this way if we went with my initial choice. I also know I wouldn't have been as warm.

Which leads me to a point I've made in the past, but sometimes have a problem practicing myself. There is a difference between being frugal and being cheap. When something is a better quality, more durable and functional, and just an overall better option, it's sometimes okay to spend a little extra. Was the extra $20 we spent worth it? Based on just the warmth and other features alone, I'd have to say yes. Do I still feel a little guilty for going this route? Maybe a little, but only until I step outside!

What would you have done in my shoes? Which jacket would you have purchased? I would really love to hear about it.

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Melody 11:06 PM  

That jacket is adorable. I would have to say I would have gone with the one that I really loved.

I have found that I would rather have a few more expensive pieces that I really love rather than a lot of cheaper things I don't care much for. (I made this discovery while giving away A LOT of my clothes to the Goodwill.)

Jesse 11:41 PM  

I'm not sure what I would have done but I am very glad that your husband knows you so well. It is a blessing to have a husband who takes care of you when you are so busy taking care of little ones. I hope you are very thankful for him!

Kelley 3:58 AM  

I would have bought the first - the one that I liked. Jesus says we are worth dying for - and we're worth $20 extra dollars!!! It's okay to spoil ourselves at times. Besides - it was bought with a gift card. I'm sure whom ever gave you the gift card would want you to buy what you really wanted.

And the jacket is super cute!!!

AmyG 7:09 AM  

I love your new jacket. Especially the color! I've been wearing the same winter coat for over 10 yrs! *gasp* I was just thinking the other day, that I'd like to have a new one. It still keeps me plenty warm, but the pockets are ripped & frayed. It's more about looks, than function, so I haven't been able to justify buying a new one.

Yay for your husband. Mine probably would've let me suffer with the cheaper one & not said anything else, lol.

Elizabeth 7:53 AM  

That jacket is adorable!

Honestly, our jackets are one of our non-frugal items because they're meant to last for so long and if you buy cheap, they just fall apart after a year or 2. I think you made a great choice!

Melissa 9:49 AM  

I love your new coat! I hadn't bought myself a new one in a long time either, I was still using the one I used when I was pregnant and I just got one the day after Thanksgiving at Wal-Mart for $8.00, it's not as nice as yours though:) I would have went with the cheaper one & knowing my husband he would of just said make up your mind already:)

Christina 10:49 AM  

I would have definitely gone with the sage green one! (one of my wedding colors was sage green) ; ) No, really, if we had the money, we would probably go with the better quality, better loved, slightly more expensive one.

Proverbs30one 11:09 AM  

If I was alone, I probably would've chosen the cheaper one too. My husband is always trying to get me to buy clothes for myself which is difficult for me to do when I see the needs of my family.

Jendeis 11:50 AM  

Ooh, I love the green jacket!!

Anonymous,  1:32 PM  

Very cute. Love the color!

Joey Hill 2:46 PM  

You'll feel great wearing the one you really wanted - treat yourself!! And you will wear it to death and have gotten that extra twenty bucks wear out of it. Good for you. Great colour, too.

Michelle 6:16 PM  

good call on the jacket! I think you did the right thing. If it had been me, I know myself too well, and in a year or so I'd be dying for another jacket, which means in the long run I'd spend MORE money.

We find this with so many things. Our Kirby vaccuum cost us much more upfront but we never need to have our carpets cleaned, and if we're lucky we'll be like my husband's grandma and still have the vaccuum she bought 60 years ago.

Lora 11:54 PM  

Love your new jacket!! And, yes, there is a difference between being cheap and being frugal. I have a leather jacket that I bought almost 11 years ago. Then it was the more expensive one even though it was on sale. But I still wear it (a lot!) and it still looks NEW! I've seen others go thru several cheaper ones in that same time frame. I'm so glad that I went for it with the better leather.

Julie 1:47 PM  

My husband and I go round and around about that. He often confuses cheapness for frugality. Cute coat!

thediaperdiaries 9:51 PM  

I completely agree with your assessment that there is a difference between being frugal and cheap. A good jacket can last you years. On the other hand I have bought cheap ones that fall apart after one season. I think you made the right choice.

Jennifer 9:44 PM  

I have the same problem as you. I probobly would have felt too guilty to spend the extra $20. However, I think in your case it was a wise decision.

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