Friday, January 09, 2009

If You Give A Boy A Vacuum

If you give a boy a vacuum, he'll probably spend hours vacuuming. He'll vacuum the hallways, the bedrooms and the family room.He'll feel very good about all of his hard work. So good, in fact, that he'll probably not be ready to stop working.

He'll ask for a few rags. When you give the boy two rags, he'll probably ask you to get one wet, so that he can really clean.
Then he'll get to work scrubbing every scrub-able surface in the house.
And when he sees how shiny he made the bathroom sink, he'll feel so proud. He'll call you into the bathroom so you can see the results of his hard work.

After all that hard work, the boy will probably ask for a glass of water.
If you give him a glass of water, he'll probably finish it quickly, because he knows there is more work to be done.

So he'll head off to scout out other dirty places in the house. He'll get sidetracked, though, when he spots his vacuum still sitting in the hallway.He'll probably vacuum a little longer.

Then it will be time for bed. If you give that boy lots of praise for all his hard work, he'll be proud of himself.
In fact, he'll be very, very proud of himself. And he'll probably deserve a cookie.Yes, we do read a lot of Laura Joffe Numeroffbooks in our house. If you don't, you really should!


Krista 10:15 PM  

My son LOVES his vacuum! He has the same one as your son. Somehow he has managed to break the handle off & I think the world came to an end that day... :) He now goes around using the dustbuster part of it.

My favorite part is that now he is obsessed with vacuuming & he uses my "big" vacuum. I just know he'll be a great help cleaning someday!

AmyG 9:14 AM  

What a cutie he is and what a great job helping around the house!

Elizabeth 9:35 AM  

What a big boy!

We also love those books. Zack's current favorite is If You Take a Mouse to the Movies.

creative gal 9:43 AM  

What cute pictures!

Omah's Helping Hands 10:01 AM  

This is cute and oh so true. Little girls are the same way. Three of my gandkids love to help clean. The do the same things. I love it. I just hope they keep that desire going as they age. ;) Praising them is importatnt to build them!

Christina 10:48 AM  

Sooooooo cute!

Sherrie 2:00 PM  

I think my oldest ds had the same vacuum. He went through a phase where he played with it all the time. Thanks for the wonderful memory flashback.

Kristi 2:44 PM  

Very cute post. My son loves to vacuum too and asked if it could be officially HIS chore.

Pamela 8:39 PM  

Great post!! Thanks for sharing your little Mr. Clean! Hope he enjoyed his cookie.

Laura@HeavenlyHomemakers 10:27 PM  

What a sweet post! Looks like we need to get one of those vacuums! We like those books too!

Michele @ Frugal Granola 12:06 AM  

Cute! :) I recognized the "If you give a..." right away. Gen already has "If You Give a Pig a Pancake" memorized!

What a good helper!

Lishak 3:05 AM  

What an adorable little hard worker. At this rate, he'll make a perfect husband for a lucky girl someday! :)

Melissa 1:06 PM  

That is very cute! I like those books.

Carrie 12:20 AM  

I will have to check out those books!

Oh yeah, and I have noticed that you have been following my blog so I wanted to let you know that I have changed the blog address. You might have to update your following links?? Here is the link
Blessed Chaos

Natalie 12:25 AM  

Now if only my daughters were as helpful. Looks like you have a great little man there.

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