Monday, January 19, 2009

Bananas On The Brink

We love bananas in our house. We buy pounds and pounds of them every month. My kids would eat bananas with every meal if I let them (although their digestive systems probably wouldn't be too happy with me). So that is why I am always surprised when I notice a bunch of bananas on the brink. But yet it happens often.Today, I had portions of two different bunches that were starting to turn the corner. I know that's not a lot, and it's actually a lot less than I'd like to have, but they still needed to be tackled.

First I made up a batch of bananas foster sauce using 4 of the bananas. The kids had some of it over their oatmeal for breakfast. The rest went in the freezer.Then I made 2 dozen banana-chocolate chip muffins. I was hoping to make more but realized too late that I was almost out of flour. Unfortunately, 2 dozen muffins go pretty quickly in our house. In fact, a dozen of them are gone already after the kids' snack time and Eric taking some to snack on at work. The second dozen will be eaten for breakfast tomorrow. I really wanted to have some extras to freeze, but I guess that will have to wait until next week.

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Gabrielle 3:32 AM  

I love this idea, thanks for sharing!

Susie 6:55 AM  

What a great tackle!! I usually make banana bread when ours are going bad. Your ideas are much more fun than that!!

Andrea McMann 8:06 AM  

Yummy! I love it when my bananas "turn!" It means good things are on the way! :)

Elisabeth 8:40 AM  

My kids will go through spurts eating bananas. Usually I just make banana bread since I'll have about 3 bananas going bad.

I've never had bananas foster. Do the bananas turn black once you've frozen them?

Good tackle!

Lisa @ Crazy Adventures in Parenting 10:13 AM  

I love reading what you come up with :) You, my lady, are made of awesome :)

Tanya 10:42 AM  

I love this tackle! Having just bought bananas yesterday, I may need to keep this post in mind when my bananas are on the brink!

Amanda 1:31 PM  

Thank you for the link to the recipe. We just made them and they are yummy. It was my first time making muffins from scratch, and first recipe using applesauce instead of oil.

Heidi @ Blue Eyed Blessings 4:57 PM  

Bananas are a hit around here, too! We don't buy as many as you probably do, so normally we only get one or two bananas that are starting to look past their prime. I usually stick them in the freezer and then they add up over time. I might have just enough to make me a batch of those yummy-looking banana chocolate chip muffins! What a fun tackle!

Faith 5:03 PM  

What a great idea for "saving" the bananas!

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