Wednesday, December 03, 2008

My 13 Favorite Snacks

  1. Hummus and pita chips
  2. A spoonful of crunchy peanut butter
  3. Licorice - all varieties, from Twizzlers to Snaps
  4. Dry-roasted peanuts (with salt only!)
  5. Chili-cream cheese dip with Fritos (a rarity in our house, but SO good!)
  6. Homemade cookies
  7. Hot pretzels
  8. A big slice of still warm homemade bread
  9. Toast with peanut butter and strawberry cream cheese
  10. A hot, fresh-from-the-oven poppy seed bagel with mustard or salt bagel with plain cream cheese
  11. Almost any kind of chocolate
  12. Fresh or frozen fruit (I had to fit something healthy in here)
  13. Garbanzo beans - roasted or tossed with a little sesame & ginger salad dressing
If I absolutely had to narrow it down to just one snack, I'd definitely say hummus and pita chips. What's your #1 favorite snack choice?

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And then head over here for more Thursday 13.


Adelle 10:34 PM  

Mmmm, I love fresh bread from the oven. You're making me hungry lol
Happy T13!

FickleMinded 11:10 PM  

I luv crunchy peanut butter too! I can eat a jar in one day! :)

PQNation 11:29 PM  

Hmmm...hummus!! Yum!!

SJ Reidhead 11:56 PM  

I am so hungry. I've been putting off dinner until I do my TTing.

Thanks a lot for the list.

Good one, though.

The Pink Flamingo

Lori 12:47 AM  

Im a Nutrisystems....#5 was tough to read. It made my mouth water:( Happy TT:)

Hootin' Anni 6:32 AM  

My favorite snack? FOOD!!!

I love this 13 concept. I would add homemade salsa and tortilla chips...

Now wait, it's only 5:30 a.m. where I'm snacks?

My 13 is's all Olde English today. Stop by, won't you?

Alisa 10:26 AM  

I do love some hummus and stacy's naked pita chips. Yummy....wishing I had some right now.

n*stitches 2:10 PM  

I love hummus!

Sherry 3:05 PM  

Chocolate!! :D

Judy 8:14 PM  

Favorite snack....easy...CHOCOLATE!! I love just about anything with Chocolate.

Joyce 10:57 PM  

Oh, yum! #10 is my personal favorite on your list, though chocolate is a 'must have', too. :P

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