Friday, December 19, 2008

I Remember When I Used To Blow Dry My Hair

Way, way back in the b.k. (before kids) days, I used to shower, blow dry and curl my hair every single morning. It felt like a chore. I hated the fact that this was what I had to do in order to be, or at least feel, "presentable" to the rest of the world.

Boy has a lot changed since those days.

First of all, what I now consider "presentable" is less a matter of opinion and more a matter of circumstance. If I manage to make it out the door, I am presentable. End of story. (Honestly, not really, because I cannot, will not, leave the house without mascara on or in sweats. I just can't do it!)

And secondly, I now blow dry my hair maybe once every 3 months or so. Because of our family's schedule, which revolves around Eric's work schedule, showering in the morning is just not feasible. So I shower at night and let my hair air dry. Why spend time drying my hair when I am just going to go to bed and it will get messed up anyhow? As an added bonus, I know it is healthier for my hair also.

I've come to accept the sections of hair that flip out instead of under, unless forced with heat and a round brush. But I do miss the process and the results.

Now I usually only dry my hair if Eric and I are going out or if we are specifically going to visit someone. It feels like a luxury! When I finish, I always stare in the mirror and think, "oh yeah, so that's what my hair is supposed to look like!"

The upside is that I can look dressed up without having to get dressed up just by spending an extra 15 minutes on my hair. That being said though, I'm honestly probably the only one who notices the difference. To the kids, I'm still just mom, no matter the condition of my hair.


Judy 7:47 AM  

I can relate. BK, I wouldn't leave the house without my hair done, full make-up and never in sneakers. In fact, I remember my husband laughing once when we were dating because I always wore dress shoes with my jeans. Boy how things have changed. Most days I also let my hair air dry and I usually don't wear make-up (not even mascara) If I do get up in the morning and do my hair and put on decent clothes the kids insist I must be going somewhere because I look so "nice".

I do think I need to put a little more effort into my everyday look. Maybe that will be my New Year's project.

Blessed Mommy 10:30 AM  

Right there with you. If my hair is not pulled back in a ponytail, my oldest will say " Mommy pull your hair back so you look like mommy." Most days it is a ponytail, casual clothes and no make up, but I have never been a make-up person anyway. Mascara and eye-pencil and lip-gloss are my friends for a quick go out look. My husband calls it natural beauty. I call it "raw" beauty. Many blessings.

Lee Anne 1:25 PM  

OMG I can so relate to this post! I have read your blog for a while now but this one made me have to chime in. My twins are almost 2 and there are days I wonder "why bother" we aren't leaving the house anyway. And those are the days I always end up wanting to go somewhere! I am purposely growing my hair out so I won't have to wash/dry it every day. Right now if I didn't it would be all over the place crazy so it is more so I don't scare people than anything else. Ha! And one of my kiddos has seriously inherited my crazy bedhead...poor guy. Feeling ya on this post!

The Downtown Boutique 2:30 PM  

Yep, I'm there with ya too. I still blow dry my hair once a week, but it's a "messy" blow dry, because that's how my hubbyb likes my hair...the "messy" look. It's easy!

And I do NOT leave the house in sweats, but lately, as I rush my son to school, I've been known to leave without the mascara. I just put the sunglasses on...even when it's foggy outside!

Jumping from homeschooling to high school has been somewhat of a fashion challenge for me. YIKES!

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