Tuesday, November 25, 2008

When It Comes To Bribery, My Kids Are Suckers

Today was one of those days where the hours were flying by faster than I could keep up. This was actually the fourth day in a row that I've felt this way. The kids have been a big help and they've been having fun with all the prep work we've been doing for our trip.

However, I think they were done with this whole process by about noon today. I continued to ignore the fact that their voices were getting louder and their play was getting rougher because I had work to finish!

After a few hours of vain attempts on my part to tune out the madness, I knew something had to be done. And quickly! So I waded through the mush that my mind had become in order to find a solution.

I opted for bribery.

Candy is not a common food in our home, but we always have a small stash on hand for emergencies. And fortunately, we usually have some kind of suckers in that stash. Suckers are a perfect option for bribing at least 15 minutes of quiet out of our kids.

It worked perfectly. The kids got their treat and I got my 15 minutes of peace to put the finishing touches on a few batches of cookies.Olivia and Gracie usually share a sucker. See, bribery is not all bad. Look at the important life lesson these girls are learning in the fine art of germ-sharing!

Bribery and suckers...it works for me!

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Amy @ Finer Things 11:07 PM  

Right there with ya, but my kids would be watching a movie with their suckers! ;-)

Christina 11:28 PM  

Cute photos and fun pun. ; )

Life with Kaishon 11:56 PM  

I am a FULL and COMPLETE supporter of bribery : ). Your kids are SO cute : )! Have a great trip!

Sherry 10:55 AM  

LOL! What a sweet idea! ;)

CC 12:24 PM  

Suckers work wonders in our house too!!

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