Monday, November 10, 2008

This One Has Been Pushed To The Bottom Of My To-Do List For Far Too Long

I did the kids' seasonal clothing swap quite a few weeks ago now. At the time, I just wanted to finish and get their drawers back in order, and get things taken up to the attic. So I just piled all of the clothes that needed to get hung up on a shelf in the closet. I fully intended to hang them up the next day.

And, well, my intentions were good but my follow-through was definitely lacking. I finally tackled that heaping pile today, thanks to the impetus provided by Tackle-It Tuesday.

Here are the lonely hangers that I started with. You can kind of see the pile of clothes underneath them.
Here's the pile of clothes, the pile of hangers, and the two children who think playing with a big pile of hangers is a great treat.
In less then 20 minutes, I had these two nice and neat piles. (And the reason I put this off for so long is what exactly?)
I quickly put everything back in the closet before Gracie woke from her nap. Finally, I am officially done with the clothing change-over. It feels good to cross that off my list. And it will feel even better tomorrow when I am trying to find clothes and I don't have to dig through a whole pile.

Find more Tackle-It Tuesday over at 5 Minutes For Mom.


Christina 11:03 PM  

Yay! Good job. ; ) I always wonder why I put things off and put them off and put them off, and then they take 20 minutes or less, and I feel kinda sheepish for procrastinating. Speaking of, I still have stacks of clean laundry un-put away from Thursday's laundry...I think I'll follow your good example and get it done tomorrow. ; )

Lora 12:31 AM  

I totally understand clean-laundry-procrastination! What is it about that? It always feels so good to get it done though.

My kitchen post is scheduled to post in the morning!

Shan 12:42 AM  

Nice work! I still have to take my son's summer clothing out of his drawers so his fall/winter clothing fits in the drawers better. Maybe I'll do it tomorrow! :)

Homesteader in Training 6:39 AM  

Isn't that the way it is? Something that seems so hard only takes a short time to do and then you're done with it. I wish I could apply that to everything.
Great job!

Alicia 7:55 AM  

Great job! I always feel good when I go through my kids closets and get rid of unused clothing. That reminds me that I have to do that again!!

Susie 9:00 AM  

Great tackle!!

AmyK 12:42 PM  

Hurray! I love the way clothes on hangers look. No idea why, lol.
Nice tackle!

Krista 3:00 PM  

That's my tackling project today, too. Too many clothes in too many piles, starting to drive me crazy. What a good reminder that I should just DO IT! Thanks.

BarbaraLee 7:45 PM  

Oh things get so hum-drum you wonder why you started. You just have to get in the mood. I need to take out the rest of the winter coats but. Snow is flying so I need to get going.

Kimberly/Mom in the City 4:07 PM  

Great tackle! Recently, I did toy purging - soon it will be clothes. Thanks for the inspiration.

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