Monday, November 03, 2008

My 9-Year Old Tackles Her Wardrobe

Last week I begrudgingly posted a picture of Isabelle's messy wardrobe. She and I were in the very beginning stages of sorting through summer and winter clothes and packing up all of the clothes that no longer fit. This is what her wardrobe looked like:
It was so full of stuff just shoved onto shelves that the doors could barely close all the way.

On Sunday, I asked Isabelle to get started with the sorting and folding. I fully expected to join her after I finished what I was working on. However, when I went in her bedroom 10 minutes later, she was well into her work and told me she could do it on her own. How could I turn that down?

I did check in with her periodically and helped her out whenever necessary. But really, she didn't need much help. In fact, she did a fantastic job on her own.
She correctly sorted out her summer clothes and her too-small clothes into separate garbage bags. She folded and organized all of her shelves. She even managed to trow away some of the crafts that were cluttering up the hanging side of her wardrobe. I gotta tell you, I was mighty proud of this girl. Maybe I should have her tackle my closet next?
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Susie 9:52 PM  

Great tackle:-)

Anonymous,  10:07 PM  

I love it when my 9 yr old does things like this! She just cleaned out her dresser today, too. I've never thought of asking her to tackle my closet....hmmmm. You might have something there!!

Christina 11:06 PM  

I really enjoyed this post! I remember when I began to take and be given more responsibilities...Such nice memories. I'm looking forward to that stage with my little man (in a few years...

Shan 11:22 PM  

Great job Isabelle and great job mom for raising such a great tackler! :)

krisijo 11:37 PM  

Great Job!

Gayle 12:36 AM  

Nice job, kiddo!

Brenda 5:40 AM  

The closet looks great Isabelle!

Judy 6:44 AM  

She must have had a great teacher : )
You SHOULD be proud. She did a great job.

Homesteader in Training 8:28 AM  

Maybe it's a sign that I should clean out our closet because you are the like the 3rd person who's closet has been cleaned out lol.
I dread it!

Jennifer 8:31 AM  

What a great tackle! I can't wait till my kids are doing my Tackle It Tuesday Posts!

Jennifer 8:32 AM  

What a great tackle! I can't wait till my kids are doing my Tackle It Tuesday Posts!

The Apron Queen 8:57 AM  

Great tackle! Wish my girls would do more tackling! :)

Anonymous,  10:08 AM  

Wow! When she's done, send her over to sort out my closet too!

earthlingorgeous 6:33 PM  

That is fantastic, involving the child and giving her responsibility. I have to tackle my daughters wardrobe too! Thanks for the reminder! Mine is up here! Do visit if you have time.

BarbaraLee 9:23 PM  

Your loosing your little girl. She is growing up.

The Lazy Organizer 7:29 PM  

Tell her I think she did an amazing job! You must have taught her well!

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