Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Clothing Storage With Minimal Closet Space

Our house has many wonderful qualities - closet space is not one of those qualities though. We are definitely lacking in closet space! We have two closets in our master bedroom (just regular, bi-fold door, closets), and a small coat closet in our entryway. That's it. For the 6 of us. We also do not have extra space for dressers, other than 1 in the master bedroom.

So we have learned to get creative in our clothing storage routine. Fortunately, we have an Ikea less than an hour away, which makes get creative in small spaces entirely doable, and even a little fun.

The clothing situation is obviously easy for Eric and I. We have plenty of room for all of our clothes, as well as some off-season overflow from the kids.

Our coat closet is not a coat closet anymore. We keep the three youngest's clothes there, and only what absolutely needs to be hung up. We also all keep our coats in our own closets. The extra 5 seconds it takes Eric and I to go to our bedroom for a coat is well worth it for the extra space.

The clothes that do not get hung in the closet for Alex, Olivia, and Gracie go in under-the-bed drawers. These were purchased from Ikea and they are perfect for kids clothes because they are durable and cheap!Both Alex and Olivia's drawers fit under the bunk bed, and Gracie's fits perfectly under her crib. (Yes the drawers have lids, but I gave up on actually using them on Alex and Olivia's drawers a long time ago. Life has been much easier since.)

For Isabelle, we purchased a wardrobe (also at Ikea) that has a hanging rack and shelves. She keeps all of her clothes in there and has plenty of room.Here is the inside. Please excuse the mess. Isabelle and I have been sorting through her clothes but making little headway because something else always seems to come up when we are trying to work. (And it is NOT approving comments on my bloggy giveaway, honest!) I would have loved to show you how spacious and organized this wardrobe can be, but I guess this is just reality at the moment.So, that's what works for our family when it comes to storing clothes without much clothing storage space. I personally love our system, and I know the kids do too.

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Oh, and one last thing. Did you know that when mom comes in your room when you are already in bed to take pictures of your drawers, it must be photo shoot time?

I suppose I could have said no, but how could I resist taking pictures of these cute faces?

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Wildwood Mama 11:58 PM  

Great ideas for using your space, we have that issue too...and cute kids!

Audra Krell 12:55 AM  

Really good use of space, great ideas. Adorable and precious children!

Christina 1:03 AM  

What clever storage solutions. ; ) I too liked the adorable pictures of your children.

Grammy 1:41 AM  

That is a great Ideal. My daughter is moving into a smaller place and having a baby in Jan. I will have to tell her about your ideals. Thanks

Heidi Boos 3:06 AM  

It's amazing how many little things you can fit under a bed... It's one of my favorite places to store things.

Sandy Toes 3:43 AM  

Oh my..I just bought those storage bins from Ikea last week...I love them....the lids were all over..so now lids under my daughters bed..but great for doll clothes!
Works for me!
-sandy toes

Sherry 8:56 AM  

I keep hearing about Ikea, but alas I have never been to one. Great storage ideas! :D

Erin Goodman 11:11 AM  

Great idea!! We too live in a closet-challenged house! Thanks for the inspiration!

Anonymous,  11:50 AM  

1. I'm totally jealous that you live less than an hour from Ikea.
2. I love this idea, especially for the things my kids like to shove under the bed. Our storage issues revolve around stuff like craft things and the few toys that don't fit into anything. I'll have to go looking next time we make the 5 hr drive to our nearest Ikea!
3. My list - I know it's ambitious! I realized afterward a lot of it is house repair/improvement related. It's all stuff we've put off for the 5 years we've been here, so I figured maybe it's time to tackle it. And if I get even half of it done, I'll be thrilled!!!

Frugal Finds 11:53 AM  

We use those bins under the kids beds too. greta for out of season clothing.

Cute kids!

petersonclan 2:27 PM  

Another thing that helps in small spaces is to have fewer clothes and wash laundry more often... that's what we have to do! They have 5-7 regular outfits and 3 or so Nice ones for church and things like that. As long as I don't lose out on doing the laundry, we're OK!

Lori 5:25 PM  

we have only one closet in our house, so storage space is at a premium!

we store things under all the beds, too, but we use those heavy plastic bed lifts to get a lot more space. you can fit a medium-size rubbermaid tub under them now. ;^)

added bonus - now i feel like i'm sleeping in a princess bed.

Julie 11:50 AM  

I know I wouldn't have been able to resist them. What cuties!!!

Don't you sometimes wonder what people are thinking when they design homes with so little storage? Way to make lemonade out of lemons.

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