Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Do Old Pots and Pans Count?

The theme for this week's Works For Me Wednesday is The Toys Worth Buying Edition. Honestly, this is a tough one for me. You'd think with 4 kids we'd have lots of toys and lots of toy suggestion.

Well, we do have lots of toys.

But we would be hard-pressed to come up with many recommendations. Because truthfully, our kids don't like many toys. Sure they play with them, but if they were gone tomorrow there are very few I think they would miss. I am sure we're not alone in this, right?

Rules are rules though, and I'm all about sticking to the rules. If Shannon rules that we are to write about toys today, well then that's what I shall do!

Here's a breakdown by each child, and it includes their favorites and Eric and my favorites for them also.

Isabelle - 9 years old

  • Professor Layton and the Curious Village for Nintendo DS. This is a wonderful game that requires logic, puzzle solving and thinking skills.
  • IlluStory Make Your Own Story Kit Isabelle got this for a present last year and it was a favorite for sure! The kit includes paper for creating your own written and illustrated story, envelopes for mailing, and a certificate for a hard-bound version of your book! So cool!
  • Friendship bracelets and any other jewelry making kits. Isabelle loves all things crafty and making jewelry is a favorite for sure.
Alex - 4 years old
  • Hot Wheels 10 Car Pack and any other car, train, or truck. Combine those with a city street rug (at Target, Wal-Mart, Ikea, etc.) and he can play for hours, especially if his dad is playing with him.
  • Vtech - Nitro Notebook Right now, Alex actually has a much cheaper version of this that we found at Target, which I've written about before, that he just loves. It has been such a fantastic and educational toy though, and I think we might upgrade it this Christmas.
  • Ultimate LEGO DUPLO Building Set Alex is the primary Duplo player, but I love them because all of the kids can play with them together.
Olivia - 3 years old
Gracie - 18 mos. old
  • Electronics Metal Keys and Cell phone Combo Actually, the three youngest all still love to play with toy cell phones and spend a lot of time engrossed in imaginary conversations. But Gracie is just starting to really get into it, and she walks around the house holding the toy phone to her ear and "ssshhh-ing" anyone she comes across.
  • Playpod This is a huge favorite in our house! It has been passed down the line between all three of the youngest and they have all loved it.
  • Russ Berrie Shining Stars Yellow Lab Gracie loves stuffed animals and baby dolls, but stuffed dogs are her favorite. I think part of the reason is because saying "woof, woof, woof, woof" is her favorite thing to do.
Head over to Rocks In My Dryer for lots more helpful toy ideas.


Carrie 10:55 PM  

I know what you mean - I think my kids would actually use their playroom if I emptied if of all the toys and filled it with cardboard boxes!

Tammie 11:35 PM  

when my daughter was young, i wondered why we ever wasted money on toys. she entertained herself for much longer periods of time with sticks, rocks, and water than she ever did with toys.

although when she got older, dressing up and playing school and house were definitely big favorites.

Cyndy 12:40 AM  

You are so right about how few toys our kids need. Some of my son's favorite toys are homemade spears and swords. Not to mention his all time favorite...Legos.

Jennifer 12:47 AM  

Your post this week is similar to mine!

You didn't mention that kitchen and laundry set you have in your playroom! Takes me back to my childhood. I actually bought my kids a Little Tikes party kitchen. The one with the fold out table. I played at my friends house for hours each day with a kitchen just like that.

Your Frugal Friend, Niki 12:48 AM  

Duplos are great! I love the oldies but goodies.


Christina 1:12 AM  

I had to smile when I read about your 18 month old loving to say, "woof, woof, woof" because that's something my 13 month old is quite into as well!

Delighted Mom 8:45 AM  

Ha! i wanted to put empty water bottles on mine but didn't! :)

Robin @ Heart of Wisdom 10:29 AM  

I certainly wouldn't miss any. Especially the thousands of leggos.

I forgot it was a theme week.

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