Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Searching For Rainbows

Lately, Isabelle has spent a great deal of time searching for rainbows. She has gotten Alex, Olivia, and Gracie in on the act now too. Every single time it rains, the four of them check every window in our house in a desperate search to spot a rainbow. They haven't been having much luck this year though. The rainbows have not been very forthcoming.

But I admire the stick-to-itiveness of my children. They have not given up hope that as long as they keep searching, someday they will be rewarded with a rainbow. And I hope it is a magnificent one when it appears.

As I watch them run excitedly from one window to the next, I can't help but think of how often in my own life I metaphorically search for rainbows. A rainbow signifies hope, beauty, new beginnings, a promise fulfilled. As a wife and mother, there are some days when those things are certainly not in the realm of my daily life.

Yet there are times when I long for hope...that I will have patience, that I will be a loving wife in just exactly the ways Eric needs me to be, that I will remember how fleeting childhood is and that sometimes it's okay to let the laundry go unfolded for a day.

There are times I long for beauty. I want a beautiful spirit and a heart filled with God's word. I want to be a beautiful witness of faith for my children. I want to see the beauty in the fourth glass of milk spilled in the past hour.

There are times I long for new beginnings. When I find my life's work starting to feel monotonous, I want to embrace a new beginning and change of attitude within myself. As my children grow, I want to embrace each step as a new beginning instead of mourning the stage being left behind. When I begin struggling with a routine, I want to embrace the new beginning of trying something different.

There are times I long to remember all of the promises fulfilled in my life. Mainly, I want to remember the promise God made to Noah, the everlasting covenant of His love for us. I want to seek out that promise in action, and not turn a blind eye to all of the blessings that surround me.

I hope my children never stop searching for rainbows. And from here on out, I hope I remember to join them.


Sonshine 7:55 AM  

thanks for the reflection and encouragement.

Thanks for stopping by!

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