Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My Random 7

Michele tagged me last week to play along with the "7 Things About You" meme. It's been awhile since I did one of these, so I thought it would be fun to share some more randomness from my life.

  1. I am desperately afraid of my children getting stomach flu or in any other way, shape, or form throwing up. Just typing the words gives me chills. I go through phases where I am so worried about this happening that I can't sleep. I tense up and just lay in bed listening, feeling positive that at any minute someone is going to start throwing up. And it doesn't even happen that often, so I'm not sure why I live in such a constant state of anxiety over it.
  2. For my junior year of high school and a portion of my senior year, I attended an all-girls boarding school on the Mississippi River. The dorms were located across a field from a blue cheese factory. On really hot days the smell would carry across the field into our windows. I haven't been able to eat blue cheese since then.
  3. When I was a little girl, I had two imaginary friends - Kim & Reese. I have always wanted to name one of my children either Kim or Reese because of that. But I don't think that will ever happen.
  4. I have never in my life told someone to shut up unless I was joking.
  5. I do not drink pop. And it's not because of all of the artificial stuff either, although that is why the kids don't drink it. No, I don't drink pop because I can not burp. If I have more than a few sips, I am physically uncomfortable for hours afterward.
  6. I had very light blond hair growing up and to this day it's still a dishwater blond. (Although I am starting to get my fair share of gray hairs too.) I have always hoped for a blond-haired child because of this. So far Alex has been the closest, although his is a definite light brown. The girls all have dark brown hair.
  7. I can not stand being in the hospital. It's not really a fear, I just don't like it. When I had Olivia, I was released 19 hours after she was born. She was in the NICU for 2 days and there was no room for me to stay so the doctor told me I could leave whenever I was ready. When Gracie was born, all of the nurses knew I wanted us to be discharged right at the 24 hour mark. I think I even said that within seconds after she was actually born. I had the option to stay another night and enjoy a new mom gourmet meal, but I opted to go home instead.
So, here are the rules of this meme:

1. Post the rules on your blog
2. Write 7 random things about yourself
3. Tag 7 people at the end of your post
4. If you're tagged, DO IT and pass on the tag

I know this has been going around quite a bit lately so I am going to try to not tag anyone who has done it recently. I tag Amy at The Finer Things, Jennifer at Extreme Housewifing, Joy at Five J's, Jennifer at Getting Ahead, Niki at Free 2 Be Frugal, Carrie at Blessed Chaos, and Elizabeth at Small Town Blessings.


Christina 7:52 AM  

I am right there with you on #1!

Sonshine 9:41 AM  

I am right there with you on #7. Out of all 5 of my kids my girl was the only one that I stayed in the hospital for longer than 24 hours. She was in NICU so I stayed a full 48 hours. She still had to stay a day longer than me.

Sherry 10:03 AM  

#1 - I woke up last night wondering that. We have a bunch at church sick. :(

#2 - I could definitely see not eating bleu cheese again after that. Ugh!

#5 - My stomach can't hack it either. :(

Suzy 3:18 PM  

I hate throw-up with the same intensity as you! It''s nice to know I'm not alone in this phobia. I had an imaginary friend as well, her name was Karen.

Missy @ It's Almost Naptime 12:57 AM  

Oh my gosh, they literally have to kick me out of the hospital. Where else can I lie in bed guilt free with full remote control-control and have someone bring ME meals??

I have 4 kids, and I have not been puked on once. Ever. Does that help any? :)

Christina 10:31 PM  

Hi, Kate! I've been reading your blog and have to tell you that I've really been enjoying it. ; ) #7 made me smile. I COULDN'T STAND being in the hospital and wouldn't even stay a couple of extra hours for the steak dinner.

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