Monday, September 08, 2008

Trivia Is Not Trivial When You Are 9!

Isabelle loves trivia facts of all kinds. She devours fact books like they are going out of print. She also loves world records, so Guiness Book of World Records and Ripley's Believe-It-Or-Not are two of her favorite "light reads."

I am so grateful for this hobby of hers in which she finds so much joy. And I am also grateful for the random facts I learn everyday.

Today I learned:

  • The most grapes ever held in one person's hand at one time was 29.
  • The most coins ever held in one person's hand at one time was 328. (I think, she may correct me on this one in the morning.)
  • Carrots have not always been orange.
Nope, these facts were not read to me out of a book. They were stored in the extensive brain of my beautiful 9 year old daughter.

You can find more Gratituesday at Laura's blog.


Anonymous,  10:59 PM  

Cute! I'm terrible at trivia games... but completely fascinated by it, too!

Michele 11:02 PM  

I just recently learned that carrots have not always been orange, too! :) (Although I read it in a cookbook.)

Fun! I love trivia. Trivial Pursuit is one of my favorite games, but we don't own it, so we play it maybe once a year. Sounds like Isabelle will be set for that game!

Michele :)

Anonymous,  11:10 PM  

Hi! I just saw a link to your blog and had to say hi! My name is Katie (but my friends call me Kate) and my blog is called the Simple Life - - just loved the similarities. Anyways - wanted to say hi and let you know how cute your family is!

Jen 7:04 AM  

Our son (almost 9)does the same thing. He is our little sponge. It amazes me on how much he remembers. It also amazes me at what he does NOT remember...LOL. I enjoyed this post.

Laura 3:20 PM  

Okay, if carrots weren't always orange...what color were they?! Wow!

Sherry 5:29 PM  

How cool! That is neat what they can recall. :D I'm amazed what my children have been able to remember.

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