Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Some Days I Am My Own Worst Enemy

I don't know quite how it happens. Everything can be moving along at our normal daily pace. Then all of a sudden it's like someone threw a switch that throws our household completely out of alignment. It is too loud, there's too much to get done, someone is fighting with someone know the drill. (Well, at least I hope you do. Please tell me I am not alone in this.) It all occurs at the same time.

You'd think by now I'd be able to recognize the onset of this phenomenon and not get caught up in it. But no, I'm just not there yet. Instead, I stubbornly continue to plod ahead, thinking that more of the same will just get us back on track. Never mind the fact that it was probably what got us off track in the first place. I fight my own losing battle every time and sabotage my sanity and the peace of our household in the process.

To put it a little more clearly, when the noise and mood level elevate in our house, instead of just stopping in my tracks and getting everyone back in order (which I should), I just add to the craziness. I whine, I yell, I walk away, I roll my eyes. What I need to do is stop and take a deep breath, and get everyone else to join me.

Luckily these moments don't happen all that often, but it happens enough that I now find myself searching for a better way to handle them. I realize I am my own worst enemy in these situations.

So, does your family ever experience whole-house meltdowns? If so, how do you handle them?


Dawn 9:06 PM  

We have meltdowns at our house - sometimes even on the way to church :)

Anonymous,  10:50 PM  

Oh, yes. I hear ya. It is hard, and I don't always do it, but it is best to just stop and regroup... sometimes sacrificing what needs to be done... but gaining some peace in the process.

Nancy 9:47 AM  

We had one last night as a matter of fact. It started in the morning before school, B3 was mad at her sister all day about it so by the time we all got home last night it had festered. After dinner I convened the troops for a discussion. After 20 minutes the waters were calm again and all was well. I did make them hug each other which they hated; I tell them it's character building!

If I stop what we're all doing and take a few minutes to discuss, we can usually get to the bottom of it and then move on.

Teresa @ A Life At Home 9:53 AM  

Hey Kate, we have those days too. This is what i do. I stop everything that I am doing and send the kiddos off to a do a quiet activity for 15 minutes. Usually they will go outside and play. Outside play helps children, I think so anyways.
While they're off I will get myself a nice drink. Usually either a coffee or a hot tea.
I will then go in my room and pray. I pray for God to help me get back in the right mind frame. I will just sit there refreshing my mind for that 15 minutes. I usually come out refreshed and ready to start again.
Once I come out I call out the kids and we have a quick chat. We pray together and then start again. Usually that break pushes everyone's reset button.
Sometimes after i come out I will join them outside and sit in the shade watching them play. Eventhough I know we're getting off our schedule I know that if I can't handle going on it will be pointless anyway.
Hope you have a great day today!

Sonshine 4:35 PM  

Oh you are NOT alone! It seems that is becoming the "normal" around here! :( I have been doing alot of reevaluating lately in order to try to avoid the meltdowns that seem to come on a daily basis.

On a different note...stop by and check out my new blog look. :)

Judy 9:03 PM  

YES!!! Doesn't it feel good to know that you are not the only one? Too many times I think I am the only one who feels the way I do. Then I run into someone that (is honest and) will tell me they have lost it.
As far as ways I sometimes deal with it....I send myself to my room and give myself a timeout. Funny but true. Sometimes just being away from it all for 15 minutes will give me a fresh perspective. During the time by myself I usually pray and sort through my thoughts and feelings.

Suzy 2:40 PM  

Kate, I love your blog! I've been reading it for a long time-I can't even remember how I found it! You're sound so sweet and gentle...quite opposite of me and so maybe that is what intrigues me. Anyway, when our house gets like that (everyday at around 4 oclock guaranteed) I get my running stuff on and as soon as I can I head out for a run. If I can't, I send them all downstairs to play lego, and I make myself some coffee (and pray, listen to music, something encouraging). Keep up the great blogging!

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