Monday, September 15, 2008

Setting Up A Homeschooling Space

I spent a few hours this weekend tackling Isabelle's new homeschooling work space. I decided to wait to organize her desk until after I had written out all of her plans and assignment sheets. I figured by waiting I'd be able to determine how to make the best use of her space. I think I was right.

What began as this
and this:
has now turned into this:
and this:
Half way through her first day of a full work schedule today, when we took a break for lunch, she asked if she could eat at her desk because she loves it so much. And let me tell you, she has BIG plans for this desk. She told me that one of these days she wants to get her own computer so that she can do her blogging (and look at educational websites too, of course) at her own desk. Oh, a girl after my own heart!

I also tackled organizing the preschool boxes for Alex and Olivia. They are stored in a cabinet and will be pulled out each day before "school" time. I forgot to take pictures of those, so I'll have to share them another day.

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Angie 1:00 AM  

Fabulous tackle! Looks like a perfect place for her to get a lot of work done! (And, I just love that she wanted to eat her lunch there too.)

Simple Things 7:44 AM  

Neat! It's so cool that she loves it so much she wanted to eat there! :)

Frugal Finds 8:07 AM  

great tackle!!

RaChel 8:18 AM  

aww this is lovely:)

Susie 9:15 AM  

That is such a great tackle that I got a little organizational shiver:-)

Susie 9:15 AM  

That is such a great tackle that I got a little organizational shiver:-)

Gray Matters 9:37 AM  

What a great space for your little girl - the fact that she's excited about it is wonderful and very conducive to learning.

xoBeau 10:20 AM  

fabulous tackle! xcllnt work!

BarbaraLee 11:22 AM  

I just finished tackling our school room. This seemed to take forever. I had to quit all the time to do something else. But now we are settled in.

Wait till the other kids want their own desk. ;)

mom_of2boys 4:28 PM  

It looks great! Great tackle!

Sonshine 9:07 PM  

Looks lovely! I wish that my boys would keep their desk looking that neat and tidy! LOL!

Thanks for stopping by! :)

Kirstin 12:26 AM  

That looks great! I am still not sure how we'll do our set up in the new house...I know that seems weird. You'd think I'd have tons of space, but probably not right away. We have an idea for what we'd like to do but I really don't know how or when we'll do it. So I think for now school will be done at the table or wherever they can find space (C:

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