Monday, September 15, 2008

For The Love of Soup

I spent Sunday afternoon making a huge pot of Polish Sausage & Cabbage soup. Throughout the whole process, I kept thinking how very grateful I am for soup and all of the emotions it stirs in me.

I was fortunate to eat wonderful bowl upon bowl of homemade soup when I was growing up. Both of my grandmothers and my mom made soup all of the time. Some of my fondest childhood memories revolve around eating a steamy bowl of soup while sitting at my grandparent's kitchen table. My mom's mom always had a special trick for cooling off my soup when I just couldn't wait to start eating - she would pour a splash or two of milk into my soup. That special little touch made the soup taste extra special.

I remember learning how to make soup at the sides of my grandmas and my mom. One Christmas, my mom granted me the privilege of making our traditional Christmas Eve mushroom and barley soup. The pride I felt in doing this special job was equaled only by the pride I felt when everyone raved about how great the soup tasted.

I continue to love to eat and make soup. It is one of my favorite fall and wintertime activities. The entire process from start to finish is so satisfying and makes me feel connected to all of the women I love so much who started this tradition. I am so grateful they took the time to make a little girl feel special with a pot of soup.

My grandma continues to make her famous soups. She also continues to share them with me. Almost every time we go to my parent's house, we leave with at least a few containers of my grandma's soup. These containers have been set aside in my parent's freezer and all marked "Katie" in my grandma's handwriting.
I make sure to carry on her generosity each time I make a pot of soup for our family. This Sunday, I set aside three containers of soup to share with 3 of our neighbors. The joy I take from sharing in this way is beyond words.

Before Sunday, I don't think I ever realized all of the ways in which I am grateful for soup! Making soup...eating's all a strong part of my foundation and I will be forever grateful that it is.

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Anonymous,  11:03 AM  

I LOVE SOUP! Part of what gets me so excited about this time of year is being able to toss a ton of stuff in a crock pot and then come home and put all that yummy goodness in a big bowl and go to town. lol

Donna 1:54 PM  

Oh neato. I just sent some soup to my neighbors yesterday!

Your soup looks wonderful--I hope U have more soups posted on here--sounds like U know some great recipes for soup;-)

Anonymous,  3:02 PM  

Yea for soup weather! I love nearly any kind of soup, but only during fall and winter.

Laura 4:17 PM  

Yea! A whole blog post about soup! I'm loving that it's soup weather now! What great memories you have about your grandmother's soup!

yellodaisy 9:44 PM  

I can't wait for soup weather! Down here in South Louisiana, we have to wait until late October or November. Lucky you!

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