Friday, August 15, 2008

Somedays I Miss Being A Kid

Seriously, I long for the fun of simple pleasures. I would love to feel the unadulterated joy that Alex and Olivia felt today. Isabelle made face masks for them, with their input.
Alex wanted a scary mask. Notice that can of red paint - according to Alex, it is a bucket of blood. Where on earth do they get this stuff from?
Olivia's mask is more girlie. But, it was still scary and growl-inducing in her mind.

When Isabelle was putting the strap on her mask, she would just tape the paper and then see if it Olivia's head. She kept trying and it kept turning out too small or too big. I chose to not interfere and let her figure it out on her own. She was getting very frustrated. After about 10 minutes though, she finally saw the light and actually measured Olivia's head with the paper BEFORE taping it in place. I knew she'd get it eventually!

I will never get tired of seeing my kids delighting in all this small stuff of childhood.


Michele 3:18 PM  

Oh, these are great! :) What fun! :)

Hmm... I think I need one too. :)

Gen hasn't figured out masks yet, but she's been asking me to help her put her silly sunglasses on (and back on, and on again) all day! :)


ahorne 8:21 PM  

Too cute. The simplest things are often the most fun. :)

Amy 10:56 AM  

Good for Isabelle! And good for you, mom, to let her figure it out. :-) That is SO HARD sometimes!

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