Monday, July 21, 2008

Gratituesday: The Boy is Four!

Today is Alex's fourth birthday. To say he is excited for his birthday would be an extreme understatement. We had his big birthday celebration on Sunday night, but the fun continues today. His special request for today was donuts from Tim Horton's. for breakfast.
Alex was born five weeks early. He was 6lbs8oz at birth and was perfectly healthy, although he did have to spend an extra day in the hospital because of jaundice.
He was completely spoiled as a baby between Eric, myself, and Isabelle. He was a remarkably easy baby and so we were spoiled too.

He seemed like such a peanut until Olivia was born when he was 10 1/2 months old. Then he seemed to turn into a big boy overnight when compared to Olivia. That earned him the nickname "Chubber Bubber." To this day, he still goes by Bubber.

He's always been a ham who loves to have his picture taken.

Alex is a self-proclaimed "Super-Good Big Guy." He is a daddy's boy and is always trying to fill Eric's shoes. He is getting closer with each passing day.

His personality is very all-or-nothing and he wears his heart on his sleeve. He loves fiercely and laughs loudly. He doesn't do anything in a small way. And he is all boy!

We all just love this little boy to pieces. He makes our family whole. He makes us laugh every day. He can dance like there is no tomorrow. He can scream the roof off our house. He can melt hearts with just a look.

Happy Birthday Bubber!!!! We love you big guy!!!

I am so thankful I am the mama of this amazing boy. To read what others are thankful for this week, make sure you stop by Laura's blog.


Michele 12:47 AM  

Aww... that little teddy bear bottom photo is so cute! (They all are, actually.) :)

Happy Birthday, Alex!

Kate, you are certainly one blessed mama. :)


Judy 7:28 AM  

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ALEX!!!! What cute pictures.

Laura 9:19 AM  

What a sweetie! Wish he could come scream the roof off at our house with our boys! Wouldn't THAT be fun!

Anonymous,  9:25 AM  

Little boys are the best aren't they, so so sweet. Happy Birthday Alex.

Brandy 11:33 AM  

No wonder he's a ham...he takes the best pictures! Happy Birthday to him!

Happy Tuesday to you!

Cajunchic 11:31 AM  

What a little cutie.

Happy Belated Birthday Alex!

Candace @ A Garden of Blessings 11:20 PM  

What a cutie! Happy belated birthday to Alex!

Lauren@ThingishThings 11:05 AM  

Oh, the picture of him in the shoes is adorable!!!

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