Saturday, July 05, 2008

Conquer The Clutter Challenge - Slow Progress

So far this week I have not managed to finish everything on my list for the first week of the Conquer the Clutter challenge. However, I have made a very good dent in it. Overall, I'm pretty pleased.

Fortunately, it won't be too hard to have to move my last item to finish to next week's list. Our clutter-level is pretty minimal at the moment because we've moved a lot of our stuff to storage until we move. There isn't as much stuff to add to the clutter as there normally is, although I am surprised that we still have so much here.

The first item on my To-Do list was to go through our homeschooling books for the past year and get stuff packed up for storage. Here is our schooling cabinet.
The middle shelf holds all of Isabelle's text books and school papers. All of her other books are kept in her personal cabinet since they aren't specifically "school-only" books. The shelf below that is where I keep papers, coloring books, etc. for Alex and Olivia.

Here is all of Isabelle's school materials spread out on the counter. I will continue using many of the same things in Alex and Olivia's box so I didn't have to "de-clutter" that box.
Inside Isabelle's box is many of the papers and projects that she did during the first half of the school year, as well as some of the workbooks that were completed during that time.
Isabelle uses one binder, divided into sections, where she keeps all of her daily assignments that aren't completed in a workbook. The first section is where I write down her daily assignments for her to check off as she goes.
This is the stack of all of her assignment sheets throughout the year.
Here are all of the textbooks and workbooks that will probably be reused someday for Alex, Olivia, and Gracie.
This is the pile of all the papers and projects that I decided to keep. I put them in a legal-sized brown envelope and put it in the same box as all of the books. It will be fun to look through when we need to pull out the third grade box in the future. Then I'll let Isabelle decide what, if anything, she'd like to keep for her own memory box.
I also kept all of her assignment sheets so that we have a record of everything she did for the year. Someday I'd like to scan all of the papers so that I can throw them away, yet still have a record of all her work. But that's going to have to wait for awhile.Here is the finished product. The packing box will go in storage for now. The magazine holders and empty red box will go back in her cabinet to be filled with all the new, fourth grade books. The few books left are some that we need to finish up over the summer.
I also went through all of Isabelle's clothes. I was able to pack away 1 garbage bag worth of clothes that are too small. That bag will go in storage also. After that, I reorganized the shelves so that everything was easy to find, and divided into types.
The one thing left on my list is this catch-all cabinet. Isn't it a mess?
After I took this picture I spent 15 minutes pulling out things that could be thrown away. That was the easy part. Now I have to reorganize the shelves and try to find a permanent home for some other things.
Are you ready to join the Happy To Be At Home End 08 Great challenge? Each month for the rest of the year will focus around a different challenge to help us all get everything into order so that we can end the year right. For July, we are Conquering the Clutter. We will be posting a carnival style post every Monday with links to all the participants progress.
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Heart of Wisdom 11:59 AM  

Great Job!

The Apron Queen 7:10 PM  

You go girl! Great tackle! :D

I'm tackling My Bucket List and a great giveaway. Pop on over to check it out:

Today's Bucket List item was Kiss the Most Beautiful Girl in the World!

Karen 7:58 PM  

I'd say you are doing a great job.

amydeanne,  8:15 PM  

great job!

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