Wednesday, June 04, 2008

How Is This Even Possible?

This morning, Eric buzzed Alex's hair for the summer. This is the second summer we have done this and I love it, as does Alex. His body, especially his head, definitely knows how to sweat. So this haircut is ideal. But I guess I never grasped the enormity of one simple haircut.

Please tell me, how on earth is it possible to go from this little boy

to this little man in less than one week?

The top picture was taken last Friday when we were all playing outside. The second picture was taken today. Am I the only one who is shocked by the difference one little haircut can make?


Alisa 8:25 PM  

Goodness! He sure did a lot of maturing this week! You are not the only one who is shocked. Those pictures could have been taken a good year apart, not a week.

Jennifer 8:41 PM  

that is a big difference! I was noticing today how grown up and mature my 5 year old seemed, and that is saying a lot if you knew him LOL. What a cutie you have!

Cajunchic 9:59 PM  

So true. Monkey got his haircut last weekend and I spent the whole day talking about how different he looked.

Judy 11:24 PM  

WOW!!! I would never had thought that if you didn't tell me!! The haircut makes him look so grown up ;)

Melody 1:00 AM  

Actually, you are not. My husband buzzes his hair off year round and he always asks the boys if they want that too (I think to tease me) but I want them to look like little boys for a while so I take them to the barber shop for a trim. I do let my older son buzz his hair once a year for the wrestling season but that is the only time. :)

Michele 5:44 PM  

To add to the irony, in the 1st photo, he's wearing a Winnie the Pooh shirt, and in the 2nd photo, he appears to be wearing a polo shirt! :)

Wow, he looks like a totally different kid! You guys did a great job on his haircut, though. :)


Tonya 7:29 PM  

What a difference the hair cute makes! I have a bad head sweater myself and we try and keep his hair short for summer.

Jodi 12:31 PM  

wow - that is an amazing difference!

Vicki Arnold 11:14 PM  

I'll wail with you, my little man was the same way. He is four and I can't look at his "before" pic on the wall without tearing up. It is amazing what a haircut can do.

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