Monday, June 16, 2008

Gratituesday: Not Yet Summer

Today I am SO thankful that it is not officially summer just yet. That means that I haven't yet gotten too far behind on all the things I want to get done during the summer.

Every summer begins with grand ambitions and plans and then fall arrives seemingly a day and a half later. I realize everything we had hoped to do during the summer did not get done. And yet every year I am convinced that this will be the summer when each item gets crossed off our list.

Seeing as how I haven't yet even started on this year's summer list, I am grateful for a few more days of spring. I should have plenty of opportunities over the next few days to get everything written out so that we can start crossing off! Some of my top priorities this summer are:

  • Going berry picking at least twice (and stocking the freezer with all of our yummy harvest)
  • Finding a local farmer's market and making as many trips there as possible
  • Taking the children to the zoo
  • Going to the park on a regular basis
  • Buying a REAL kite and flying it whenever the weather permits
  • Going to art fairs of cities other than our own

Just those few things will keep us busy, but there are still many others I want to add. I just love summertime!

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The Happy Housewife 7:37 AM  

Looks like a great list Kate, I hope you are able to do them this summer!

Nancy 9:33 AM  

Your list sounds great. I too am a list maker and I haven't created one yet for "summer to do." Guess I better get started. Hope you successfully cross everything off the list!

Laura 9:51 AM  

I was expecting your list to say things like, "Paint the living room", "Remodel the attic"...and I was feeling dread for you. :) But your list is filled with WONDERFUL fun summer memories instead! I wanna come over! What a great list!

Alisa 10:27 AM  

We too make lists every summer and have a blast trying to get everything done. Hope you have a great summer!

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