Monday, June 30, 2008

Gratituesday: Homeschooling

One of the tasks on my Conquer the Clutter list for today was to sort through all of our homeschooling materials from third grade. I wanted to box up all the workbooks and textbooks that could possibly be used again some day, create a folder with work and projects to be saved for Isabelle's memory box, and throw away as much as possible. I did not expect to feel such a deep sense of renewed thankfulness that we homeschool.

As I sorted through all of Isabelle's papers for the past year, I found myself lingering over things she had written. I probably spent way more time than I needed to on this project, but it was definitely worthwhile.

I discovered just how much Isabelle matured in the past year; from the basics of her handwriting improvement, to sentences that are grammatically correct and that keep her reader involved in the story. (Hmm, maybe I could take a few pointers from her on this one, huh? Joy, you'd be proud to know she uses active voice, doesn't split her infinitives, and does not end her sentences in prepositions!)

But you know what's even better than seeing her maturity is knowing that I was a part of this process. I was not just a bystander to her growth, comprehension, and acquirement of knowledge. I remembered each and every assignment I looked through. I remembered the discussions that stemmed from her narration. I remembered her enjoyment upon hearing the poem she would be writing out for dictation the very first time. I even remembered the tears of frustration when she struggled with a new concept.

They are my memories though! Well, Isabelle's and mine. Memories that we made together while she was learning and growing. And how exciting to know I will get to create these same memories with the other children.

I must admit I got a little caught up in all this reminiscing. As a result, I held on to a lot of her work that I probably could have thrown away. I have these grand visions of pulling out this box of third grade materials when it is Alex and Olivia's turn to use them and going over all the papers and memories with Isabelle. Maybe then I'll throw them away. Or maybe not.

This homeschooling journey has its share of ups and downs, but I am so thankful that this is the path we have chosen for our family.

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LouAnne 9:03 AM  

It IS a gift to be able to homeschool our children! What a wonderful thing for which to be thankful! Have a blessed day!

Laura 12:10 PM  

I absolutely love homeschooling too! And I love going back through our old books and papers and remembering all the joy (and frustration) of learning together.

Michele 4:43 PM  

What a wonderful perspective on homeschooling! Thank you, Kate! :)


A Grammatical Disclaimer

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2. I have a tendency to end sentences with a pronoun. (I really do. I can't help it.)
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