Sunday, May 04, 2008

Menu Plan Monday - First Full Week of 3 Moms ~ 3 Kitchens ~ 31 Days

For the month of May, my friends Toni (The Happy Housewife), Joy (FiveJs), and I are inviting everyone into our kitchens. We are calling our adventure 3 Moms, 3 Kitchens, 31 Days. All three of us are sharing our food budgets, grocery shopping, meals, recipes, successes and mishaps. So far it has been a wonderful adventure, and we invite you to come into our kitchens and follow along.

My menu plan this week focuses around making meals that can be doubled (or tripled) for the freezer to be eaten later in the month. This is my number one trick for sticking to my $300/month budget, and a once a month grocery shopping trip.


M - Pancakes (Make a triple batch to freeze)

T - French Toast (Double batch)

W - Chocolate Chip Muffins (Double batch)

Th - Scrambled eggs and toast

F - Crepes (Double batch)
S - Cinnamon Rolls (Double batch)

Su - Something from the freezer


M - Cheese quesadillas, Applesauce

T - Grilled ham & cheese, yogurt, bananas

W - Taco roll-ups, mandarin oranges

Th - Tuna pasta salad, peach slices

F - Peanut butter and jelly, yogurt, bananas

S - Leftovers

Su - Breakfast casserole


M - Chicken fingers (double), brown rice pilaf, Zucchini, mushroom and garlic saute (double)

T - Vegetarian lasagna (double)

W - Shepherd's pie (double)

Th - Chicken & dumplings (double chicken & sauce), maple-glazed carrots, batter rolls

F - Cheeseburger macaroni, peas, leftover rolls

S - Meatless Nacho platter

Su - Chicken fricassee, garlic spaghetti, oven-roasted broccoli

For more Menu Plans, please go here.

And be sure to check out the adventures happening in Joy and Toni's kitchens today!


Nancy 9:35 AM  

Your week sounds good and productive with all those double/triple batches! I brought the tuna spread in my lunch today; having it on a bagel. Garlic spaghetti sounds good (I love garlic) - yet another recipe you should share.

Michele 4:17 PM  

I am really enjoying this series. It is so inspiring. Thanks! :)

Cajunchic 5:16 PM  

I am really liking this series but I have yet to get to the other blogs. Must do that.

I posted the California Roll recipe for you.

Anonymous,  7:02 PM  

Man, you're making me extremely hungry! Cinnamon rolls sound just lovely right now! :S

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