Sunday, May 18, 2008

Menu Plan Monday: Eating from the Freezer & Lots of Baking

Being part of the 3 Moms, 3 Kitchens, 31 Days series has been such an honor for me. I have learned so much from Joy and Toni! I have also been learning a lot about the realities of my kitchen. First of all, I have learned just how manageable our $300 monthly budget truly is. I have also really realized how much I enjoy having my freezer stocked and how that is a real money-saver and time-saver for me. This week, I will begin to reap some of the rewards of having dinners in the freezer. I plan to use some of the extra time to do some extra baking (and Eric is requesting a cheesecake that he just found a recipe for on the Hershey's website). I will also enjoy some of the free time playing with the kids and working on some end-of-the-year school projects with Isabelle.
Here is my menu plan for this week:
M - Crepes with bananas foster sauce
T - Cinnamon Rolls (double and freeze 1/2)
W - Scrambled eggs and toast (or sunshine toast)
Th - Pancakes
F - Biscuits and sausage
S - Baked oatmeal
Su - Breakfast cookies
M - PB&Js, mandarin oranges, yogurt
T - Hard boiled eggs, cheese slices, crackers, apple slices
W - Grilled cheese and peaches
Th - Tuna pasta salad and pineapple chunks
F - Chicken noodle soup (from freezer)
S - Quesadillas and pears
Su - Leftovers
M - Curry chicken and brocoli casserole over brown rice
T - Swedish meatballs (from freezer) over egg noodles, pea salad
W - Cider vinegar chicken over garlic smashed potatoes, zucchini, mushroom and garlic saute
Th - Lentil and brown rice chili, tomato basil bread
F - BBQ beef (from freezer) and beans, corn bread, green peppers and onions
S - Chicken (from freezer) and dumplings
Su - TBD
For more Menu Plan Monday, please visit Laura's blog.


Laura 10:43 PM  

I love how you have so many meals prepared and put into the freezer! You do such a great job with that!!

Anonymous,  11:40 PM  

I definitely need to work on this more! I did some cooking ahead for the week -- maybe next week I will cook even more and put some meals in my freezer too!



Lizzie 3:15 AM  

Between the three of you, you've inspired me to get off my behind and stock the freezer. Started compiling a list of freezer meals and everything...sheesh. This saving money thing is catching! (LOL)

Wanted to ask whether you currently own or would like to buy any freezer-specific cookbooks. I have some play money burning a whole in my pocket and Amazon is calling...


P.S. Why no 'name/URL' option in your identity whatsits down below, after writing a comment?

Kiy 10:12 AM  

Great menu, I love how you are stocking your freezer! One of our projects for the summer, buy that darned freezer. :) BTW, your breakfast cookies intrigued me. Do you have a recipe for those? Have a great week!

Cajunchic 11:24 AM  

Could you share your recipe for lentil and brown rice chili? We love lentils here.

Maggie 1:40 PM  

Looks great! I love having food in the freezer, I need build my frozen stockpile back up.

Michele 5:08 PM  

Is sunshine toast where you put a fried egg in a piece of toast? I remember having that as a kid for breakfast at church camp, and for some reason it was so fun! :)

Thanks for stopping by my blog. :)
Michele :)

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