Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Gratituesday: My Super-Good Big Guy

Growing up, I did not have much idea of what little boys were like. I only had a sister, so I never got to experience the hijinks or protectiveness of a brother. My in-state cousins were all girls. I used to pray for a brother. But, I never did get to experience the daily life of a little boy until my son Alex was born.

I am so thankful that we have been blessed with this incredible little boy. He is such a BOY in every sense of the word, from the way he plays to the way he slams the toilet seat down. Watching him grow has been an amazing journey for both Eric and me.

He emulates Eric and often can be found right next to him, doing whatever he is doing. I love watching the interaction of dad and son. And Eric has done a fantastic job of teaching him about a man's role. Because of this, he is fiercely loyal and protective of his sisters. He is always offering to help me in my work throughout the day with a "what can I do for you mama?" He has learned, through Eric's example, what it means to respect women. He has learned the importance of compassion. He has learned that a good man is always willing to help, and as such, he takes pride in helping our elderly female neighbors, and in lifting heavy things for me. He likes to tell us that he is a super-good big guy. And he is, he really is!

I am so thankful for the infinite wisdom of a Creator who had the foresight to make men and women different. I am thankful that we do not have to be politically correct and can teach our children the varied, but equally important, roles of a man and woman, a husband and wife, a father and mother. And I am thankful my son is on the right road to be a man of honor.

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The Happy Housewife 8:15 AM  

Great post, Alex is such a cute little guy. That is awesome that Eric is already teaching him how to be a little man!

Laura 8:48 AM  

I LOVE it when my boys act just like their daddy! Sounds like Alex is a wonderful brother to all those sisters and is filling the shoes well of his God-given roll. I too really love how God made men and women differently..and I love seeing that displayed even when the kids are little. (Oh, and by the way, my boys ALSO slam the toilet seat down! ~ at least they put it down!) :)

MammaMia 9:43 AM  

What a cutie! I don't know what I'd do with a boy after these girls!

Michele 4:58 PM  

Aren't little boys great?! :) I don't have any, but I do have 3 little nephews. They are such a joy! (Plus, I love seeing that "little boy heart" show up once in a while in my husband... he still likes to make truck noises, etc.!)
Thanks for sharing!
Michele :)

Candace 5:05 PM  

Hi Kate,
Yes, they sure are different than the girls.
Thanks for sharing your thoughts, it is a nice post.

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