Monday, May 26, 2008

Gratituesday: My Husband

I have decided to borrow the fabulous idea of listing some things about my wonderful husband that I am thankful for. Our anniversary is on Thursday, so although I am thankful for him everyday, this week it is definitely front and center in my mind.

1. He has a wonderful, Godly vision for our family and will not let anything veer us off course.

2. He is always willing to be one of the kids and REALLY play with them.

3. He is not above embarrassing himself to give everyone else a good laugh.

4. He loves to talk about anything and everything. We can talk for hours, and most days we do!

5. He holds the kids when they have the stomach flu because I just can't handle it.

6. He is always my voice of reason.

7. He is warm, compassionate, funny, and loving.

8. He always has time to help someone else and does so unquestioningly.

9. He is so very supportive and encouraging of everything the children and I do.

10. He loves me enough to push me to be the woman I truly want to be. He patiently helps me and gently encourages. He holds me when I'm sad or scared. He laughs with me even when what I said really wasn't that funny. He knows me better than anyone else ever has, and he still loves me in spite of that!

11. He works HARD every single day and he does a fantastic job of growing our business with integrity at every turn.

To read what others are thankful for, and to share your own thanks, visit Laura's blog.


Michele 7:15 PM  

Happy Anniversary, Kate! :)
What a great idea to honor your husband with this post!
Michele :)

Candace 3:12 PM  

Hi Kate,
Sounds like you are married to a wonderful man.
Happy Anniversary!

Laura 4:27 PM  

I'm so thankful that God has provided wonderful husbands for us! Happy Anniversary!!!! :)

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