Thursday, May 08, 2008

Frugal Friday: Pay with Cash for Your Gas!

My husband was getting gas for his car this week and he noticed that the price on the sign was less than the price at the pump. He went inside to speak to a manager, thinking he had just hit a price increase at the very second he pulled into the lot. The manager explained to him that he would receive a discount, and pay the price on the sign, if he used cash instead of paying at the pump.

The gas stations have to pay a fee for each card swipe that is used when you buy gas, so many are now offering discounts to consumers who pay with cash. For Eric that day, the difference was $.16 per gallon. I would say that makes having to go into the store to pay a very worthwhile inconvenience. There are many gas stations that are offering similar programs. A few local ones we have seen and/or heard about are Marathon and Valero. Call around to your local gas stations and see if they are offering the same discount. I really appreciate these gas station owners who are doing what they can to help offset, in any little way, the ever-increasing cost for a tank of gas.

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Domestic Spaz 1:47 PM  

I've seen signs on some of our gas pumps that say "Get a 5 cent discount per gallon if you pay cash inside" and thought that was great!

I do think it's a little shady to have the discount price listed on the big sign out front, though, without making it clear ON the pump.

I need parenting advice BADLY on my blog today. If you get a chance, please check it out!

Carlie Faulk 9:59 PM  

I haven't seen that here, but I'll dod it if I can find one!! I paid 70 bucks to fill up my van tonight. SHOCK!!

BTW - I awarded you and E - go check it out!

Sharon 11:34 AM  

Thanks to your post, we did notice that we got one cent off if we used cash at a certain gas station. I prefer to get a Walmart card and get 3 cents off, but it made me aware of the opportunity. Thanks!

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