Thursday, April 17, 2008

What Lessons Will We Teach Our Children?

"I love you, Johnny," said mother one day,
"I love you more than I can say."
Then she answered his questions with,
"Don't bother me now,"
And just didn't have time to show him how
To tie his truck to his tractor and plough.
But she washed her windows and scrubbed the floor
And baked and cooked and cleaned some more.
"Bring the boy next door in? Well I should say not!
You'll mess up the floors and I don't want a spot!"
"No, we don't have time for a story today,
Mother's too busy cooking, so run out and play.
Maybe tomorrow," she said with a sigh.
And Johnny went out almost ready to cry.
"I love you, Johnny," again she said,
As she washed his face and sent him to bed.
Now how do you think that Johnny guessed
Whether 'twas he or the house that she really
loved best?

-Unknown Author (taken from Above Rubies, November 2005 issue, p. 20)

I just had to share this poem today as it is one that has stayed with me since I first read it. I often remind myself of it when I get too busy. I remember the first thought I had, the very first time I read it, was "OUCH!" Unfortunately, I still have that thought when I re-read it now.

The simple truth that this poem expresses is literally painful to me. It reminds me that my children need to be my first priority. And although I know this, it is easy enough to forget as I go through my days with SO much to do. I remind myself that the dirt will still be there tomorrow, but the curiosity and admiration of my children may not. The food will still get cooked, whether it takes an hour by myself, or five with interruptions and many helping hands.

The lessons I want my children to take away from their childhood will not be learned if I am not there to teach them. I may be there physically all day, everyday, but where am I emotionally? If my body is present but my heart is not, surely I will not be demonstrating a love for my children that will be worthy to be carried throughout their lives. I most certainly will not be teaching them, by example, about the love of Jesus.


Melody 12:43 AM  

Oh...that is a great post. I think I will print it and put it by my door. Not because I spend all my time cleaning my house, but because I don't. That way when all the "cleany" mommies come over and comment on my laundry that needs folded or whatever else they feel like criticizing I will just point to the poem and tell them to read it.

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