Friday, April 11, 2008

Home Management - A Realization

Well, as much as I hate to admit, I have not finished up my schedule yet. But I do have it pretty much worked out in my head, so now all I have to do is transfer it to paper. I have BIG plans for the rest of my night and through the weekend. I WILL be done before bed Sunday night. And, I expect you all to come back here Monday morning to scold me if I haven't posted it yet. :-)

I had a realization today when I was thinking through my schedule and chores list. I really do not need, or want, to fit more into my days. As a whole, I get lots done every week if you average out my days. But, I do feel stressed when I get behind, or when we have company coming over, or when I feel like my housework is taking away from my mommy time. So...there's my realization...I want to schedule not so I can fit more into my days but so I can do what I already do in an orderly, stress-free way. That one thought has really eased some burden for me. I feel like I can move forward with this without worrying about my lack of follow-through because it will just make sense. And as I've said before, I'm all for working smarter, not harder.


Joy 11:51 PM  

Amen! I agree entirely. I always think, 'At the end of my life, what will I look back on and wish that I had done more?'

Spend time with my family is always on the top of my list!

So the dishes can wait.

Jennifer 11:19 PM  

Oh my, I just blogged about the same thing. I keep reading your posts and just am shaking my head in agreement here!!!

Jacque 2:48 PM  

I totally agree. I have so much to do, and I do accomplish a lot each week. I don't usually feel like it though. I suppose I look at all I need to do yet and think I haven't accomplished enough, if that makes sense.
But, in the grand scheme of things, there will always be work to do and ideas to implement and things to be worked on.

I have already spoken to the girls to prepare them for us to get on another schedule. It helps me keep them on task even moreso than myself. It helps to teach them about being good stewards of their time too. It helps me to get things accomplished in my schedule if they are in agreement and working with me. Being the older ones, they help set the tone too.

God is faithful to lead us down His paths and bring us to things in His plan for our lives, and as long as we make time for those things, I think we are accomplishing great things! :)
Great article! I will be back looking for the follow-up article! :)

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