Monday, April 21, 2008

Gratituesday: Thinking Like A Child

Tonight after saying prayers, I asked my children what they thought I was thankful for. Their simple answers really touched me and made me laugh. They also made me realize that if I could only think like a child, pray with the innocence of a child, and be thankful for the simple things like a child, I could perhaps find the peace and happiness of a child more often. Wouldn't it be nice to have more moments of child-like joy in our lives?

Here are the answers my children gave tonight:

Isabelle (8) - family, clothes, books, bowling, and flowers

Alex (3 1/2) - playing with the cushions, playing outside tomorrow

Olivia (2 1/2) - lights, her sippy, Gracie (our 1 year old)

Now obviously they misunderstood my question and answered what they were thankful for, but that's okay. I am so thankful that they find such simple things worthy of their gratitude. I sometimes tend to fall into the trap of thinking something has to be extraordinary, or at least sound such in its explaining, to be worthy of my thankfulness. But you know what? Gratitude does NOT have to be pretty. Sometimes the smallest, simplest things that we are thankful for truly speak the most about us, and about God's hand in our lives.

Please go visit Laura's blog and share what you are thankful for today!


Laura 8:35 AM  

This is SOOO sweet. I love listening to what my kids are grateful for! I think my kids' lists would have been a lot like yours...especially the bowling and playing with cushions part!

The Happy Housewife 8:48 AM  

You are right! Why do we think it is about the big things, when it is really about all the little things in our lives! I love kids, they give us such perspective!

Nancy 9:30 AM  

You hit the nail on the head! Sometimes the simplest things in life are the ones we fail to give thanks for. This week I've been thankful for my rhododendron (spelling?) bushes - they're blooming now and they don't last long. The blooms are so delicate and beautiful. I enjoy them each day as I leave/enter the garage. Kids keep our perspective in check, don't they?

Char 11:27 PM  

Aw, that's a super idea - I'm totally asking my kids next week for my Gratituesday post! Thanks for sharing!!

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