Thursday, March 06, 2008

Frugal Fridays: Salvaging Scratched CDs/DVDs

My kids have some favorite CDs and DVDs that get a lot of use, as well as their fair share of handling by the kiddos. This inevitably leads to scratches on the CD or DVD. Then, when we're right in the middle of watching a movie, the DVD skips or stalls. (I almost think that is worse than when it just doesn't work at all!)
Fortunately, Eric has come across a great tip that he has tried and has had work on several occasions. (He even shares the tip with his clients.) Using Lemon Pledge, spray a little bit on to the scratched CD or DVD. Wipe across (never in a circular motion) the CD, etc. with a soft cloth until dry. Now, it should work as good as new. The wax from the Pledge fills in the scratches. A can of Pledge costs no more than $5 (and one can will salvage lots of CDs/DVDs, plus put a nice shine on your furniture if you want to multitask), and I'd say it's definitely worth the investment if you have some CDs/DVDs that no longer work because of scratches. It's definitely more frugal than replacing them!

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Anonymous,  8:39 AM  

Great tip, you can also use toothpaste....

Anonymous,  9:55 AM  

Thank you, just what I was looking for.

BarbaraLee 6:23 PM  

I love this tip. We have this problem all the time.

Mom2fur 8:11 PM  

A lot of my CDs are starting to skip, and I get so frustrated. I'm definitely going to try this idea! Thanks!

Teresa 10:06 AM  

What a great tip! I have a few CD's i'm going to try this on. Thanks so much!

mom_of2boys 8:21 AM  

Great tip! My 4 year old is pretty rough with his movies. I'll give your tip a try! Thanks for sharing!

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