Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Are You A Biter Or A Clipper?

Don't you just love the soft, chubby, cherubic hands of a baby? I could spend hours just rubbing Jill's soft little hands. But I don't love when her nails become daggers that she loves to use for pinching, especially while she's eating.

One of the tasks of babyhood I've always disliked most as a mom is trimming those tiny little fingernails. With Isabelle, I was hyper-vigilant about all things hygiene. She was bathed and powdered daily, with an extra bath or two thrown in whenever just her diaper leaked just the least little bit. Her hair was combed and her nails were trimmed after each bath. (Oh how things change from #1 to #5, but that's a whole 'nother post!)

But those nail trimmings had a tendency to end in at least a finger or two getting nicked by those little clippers. So by the time Alex came around, I gave up completely on using nail clippers and started just biting them off instead.

I'm wondering if I'm the only one that does that? Did/do you clip or bite your baby's nails? Surely I'm not alone in this, am I?


Sheila 3:14 PM  

As far as I know, you are. :) I am kind of teasing you, but I honestly haven't ever heard of anyone doing that.

Lora @ my blessed life 12:02 AM  

I am definitely a clipper. I really never had a problem with it at all since I would do it when they went to sleep:) After the first time or two my fears about it subsided.

6kids4me 10:57 AM  

You are not alone!!!I clipped the skin on my children too many times. I felt so bad, I told a friend. She told me that she bit the kids nails. I started right then and never went back until I could do it safely without fear of clipping their skin!

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