Thursday, January 14, 2010

Saying Good-Bye To A Dear Friend

Death is never easy. It's a sad thing to lose someone you care about. And it's an even sadder thing to know your children have lost someone special in their lives.

One of our dear, sweet neighbors passed away last week, about 4 hours after her 91st birthday was officially over.

She was the self-declared surrogate grandmother to our kids. She loved them, and she loved Eric and me. She took care of us and found a lot of joy in helping us in any way possible. And fortunately, she was always good about letting us help her too.

It was hard to say our final good-byes to her this week at her funeral. Our lives will certainly be missing a little something special.

But oh, what a finer thing it is to celebrate a life lived to its fullest! A life full of family, friends and faith. There are just so many stories we'll cherish and lessons we'll pass on to the kids. I don't have enough words to fully describe what a remarkable woman she was.

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The Real Me! 7:28 AM  

How completely wonderful to have had such a relationship with your neighbor. What a blessing! Treasure those memories my friend.

Amy @ Finer Things 2:54 PM  

Oh, I bet that is so hard on the kids. Lessons in letting go...

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