Monday, January 18, 2010

The 24 Tradition

Last night was an exciting night for Eric and I. The new season of 24 started! We made sure we got the kids to bed on time and we prepped the house for our night curled up on the couch watching 24 together.

We have watched all but the first season of 24 together. It's our only tv-related tradition and also our longest-standing tradition. But we both love it and treasure the time we spend watching it together.

The show is usually on on Monday nights and that is a night when Eric works late. So Tuesday nights, we watch the previous days' episode together on Hulu. This is what led to our Tuesday date-night routine. It's kind of strange to admit that a tv show is the reason behind our oldest tradition as a couple.

But honestly, I wouldn't have it any other way. We bond over the show. We talk about the show throughout the week and speculate on what will happen in the next episode. We joke about our suspension of disbelief skills. And we brag about all the things Jack Bauer can do.

So tonight I am grateful for a tv show that truly is so much more than just a tv show.

Any other 24 fans out there?

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Lora 12:32 AM  

We are totally with you on 24!! My hubby and I love to watch it every season, after the kids are all tucked in:) And since we don't have cable anymore, we watch it the next day online, too.

Bree 3:17 PM  

My husband and I have those shows that we look forward to over the years. We never did get into 24 but want to start watching it on Netflix. It is so fun to have some down time to look forward to. Lost is our must see tv show. In the past it was Alias, (bet you would like that one) Amazing Race is a good couple type show. We joke around about how we would handle certain tasks thrown at the couples... good fun on a Sunday night!

Anonymous,  3:47 PM  

Funny, we started that tradition with the first season. We would order pizza. Unfortunatley the tradition also ended with the first season. We need to find a new show to share.

Lisa @ Crazy Adventures in Parenting 11:44 PM  

OMG, total addicts here. I own almost every season. Jack Bauer is AWESOME! lol

Laura 7:59 PM  

Oh, yes -- there are 24 fans out here! My hubby and I do the same, and what fun it is.

Our four boys are all three years apart, and it's been interesting figuring out how to watch some things with the older ones that the younger ones aren't ready for yet...

Anonymous,  3:47 PM  

We are fans too, although have only seen the 1st season. Watched the whole thing in 5 days (which I would not recommend!!)

Jessica 9:57 PM  

I think I'm going to start from the beginning on 24. Will likely be my next Netflix addition!

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