Thursday, December 03, 2009

It's Not The Cost of the Gift That Matters

For at the least the past 5 years, there's one present that Isabelle has counted on receiving at Christmastime and this year is no different. It's a simple gift, but one that we know she'll use and get immense joy and satisfaction from. In fact, it's probably the only gift guaranteed to get as much use from as humanly possible.

Tape. A simple 4-pack of tape.

It will be used daily until it is gone, and even then, used pieces of tape will be torn in two and used again. It's happened this way for years and I know it will happen again this year.

I'm sure the gift of tape isn't at the top of any gift guide this holiday season. But that's okay with us. Because we know our daughter and we know what she likes. We know she likes having a seemingly endless supply of tape at her disposal for all of her art and craft projects.

And after all, aren't gifts meant to be thoughtful and suited for the recipient? In her eyes, there's no gift more thoughtful.

Oh sure, she'll ooh and aah over the latest and greatest toys in the sales flyers. She'll fill her gift list with all kinds of stuff. And she'll even get some of it.

But in the end, we all know it's the tape she treasures most.

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The Fifth Street Mama 11:23 PM  

That is so great! How wonderful to know that you are giving a gift the receiver will love!

carla 9:24 AM  

Good idea. I'm planning on giving our 6 year old grandson a roller of blue painter's tape. He uses ours a lot and I think he'll like having his very own.

Marsha 10:30 AM  

Both of my children are avid tape users, but I never thought of using tape as a stocking stuffer. Thanks for the great idea.

Bree 11:12 AM  

This cracked me up. I should do this for my ten year old... I am always after her about the amount of tape she goes thru... if it is a gift she will be free as a bird to use it up to her heart's content. She is such a recyle bin garbage digger... she goes thru it and drags any old box and thing that she can get her hands on and tapes the heck out of it!

pinkbows 12:17 PM  

Sounds like my child. Last year she got 3 of the lasted must have toys. She ooh and said thank you.
She opened up a a present with coloring books from the dollar store and a box of crayons and yelled. This is exactly what I wanted. :)

Phoebe @ Cents to Get Debt Free 6:00 PM  

Our oldest using tons of tape and paper. Last year we have all three kids spiral notebooks (picked up at the Back to School sales for 5cents) and a 4-pack of tape that I got for free from Walgreen's. All of them loved it!

Mom2fur 8:22 PM  

I have to laugh, because I gave my husband a gift bag of different types of glues for an anniversary gift last Sunday! I blogged about it, too. Who says it takes a fancy gift to make someone happy?

The Prudent Homemaker 9:31 AM  

My mom told me she had some extra tape (Who has extra tape?) and she wondered if my children would like it.

Um, YES! They go through about a roll a day! Tape is the perfect present!

Becca 1:56 PM  

I fully agree that a simple gift that people really better than a fancy gift that is thrown aside.

Alisa 2:11 PM  

That's cute! My mom just gave my daughter a roll of tape for her birthday and she loves it.

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