Thursday, October 15, 2009

Working Together

Tonight I did something I've never done before - I went to work with Eric for a while. Isabelle, Alex and Olivia have each had their turns. Gracie's is coming soon as she gets a little older. So I thought it was about time I got in on that action too.

Actually, the whole thing was Eric's idea. When we scheduled conferences for the kids at school a few weeks ago, we knew we'd have to get a sitter. And when Eric found out his dad could stay with the kids, he thought it would be fun to extend our time out into a date night of sorts.

So that's exactly what we did! We went to the conferences and then drove to one of Eric's job sites. I followed orders pretty well I think. I don't know if my skills quite line up with Isabelle's yet and I probably won't be receiving an employee of the month award anytime soon, but it was fun. I really enjoyed the shift in perspective as I watched Eric in his element at work.

After we left the first place, we followed his occasional routine of a quick drive-thru dinner eaten in the car parked in the parking lot of his next job. Then we got to work.

I definitely think we'll have to do this again. It might not go down as the most romantic date in history, but I'm not complaining one bit. This was a night full of quality time. I saw a different side of my husband that will help me understand him immensely when he talks about work from now on. Memories and fun were made throughout the mundane. What a finer thing that was!

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Audra 10:10 AM  

That's sweet! I love seeing the "working" side of my hubby. I got to watch him direct his university jazz ensemble group in concert last night. So fun!

Amy @ Finer Things 7:49 AM  

Now THAT is one unique date night! How fun!

Jennifer 2:31 PM  

Whatever it takes to get a date night is my motto. Glad you had fun.

Michele @ Frugal Granola 2:52 PM  

What a great idea! :) Good job being creative. We've been working on establishing date nights lately, since that's been such a challenge.

(PS- I really don't want to be obnoxious, but I just wanted to make sure you got my e-mail with my address; I've had some e-mails not go through lately, so just checking! :) I know you're busy!)

Many blessings,

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