Thursday, October 01, 2009

Sweater Weather

I'm a little behind the times here. Last week, I completely forgot that we were supposed to be celebrating all of the finer things of fall. While my two youngest girls bonding is a fantastic finer thing, I couldn't let the opportunity to rave over my favorite season pass me by.

The sights, smells and colors of fall are right up at the top of the fall finer things list.

Fall would not be complete without my fill of twin finer things apple cider and apple picking.

I absolutely could celebrate fall without reveling in the finer-ness of soup. Lots and lots of big, steamy bowls of soup.

But the one thing that truly is my top finer thing of fall is sweater weather. I love big, cozy sweaters. I love being able to wear a sweater as my only layer and be warm enough to not be chilled, yet still enjoy the crisp air. Pulling on my favorite sweater is a little bit like coming home and I look forward to it every year. I could live with sweater weather all year long.

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Sue 11:31 PM  

I love Fall for the same reason. By the end of summer it feels good to cozy on up in a nice sweater... except this year I'm going through major peri-menopause symptoms and hot flashes are taking the fun out of sweater wearing already. Enjoy yours while you're still young! Soon you'll be having to wear sleeveless shirts and cardigans because they're being taken on & off all the live long day ;-)

Enjoy your weekend!

Fifi Flowers 12:15 AM  

Le sigh... still not sweater weather here... looking forward to it!

Kara 1:39 AM  

Still waiting (not so) patiently for sweater weather here...

Amanda @ Serenity Now 9:19 AM  

Amen!! I love sweater weather. :) I am waiting for it to get cool enough to bust some sweaters out of the closet! Stopping by from Julia's party. :)

shopannies 10:30 AM  

yes sweaters are out here as well I love the wonderful fall weather

Struggler 12:06 PM  

Much as I love summer, I'm ready for the next season and am looking forward to snuggling up in sweaters too!

Amy @ Finer Things 4:27 PM  

For me it's sweatshirts. Love 'em!

The Not So Perfect Housewife 1:53 PM  

We had something of fall weather here for a few days and now we are back in the 90's.. ugh..
I'm missing fall..

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