Thursday, September 17, 2009

A Monumental Morning

When we made the decision to send Isabelle to school this year, we decided that we'd keep the other three at home, even though that meant holding Alex back a year before he started kindergarten. We just didn't think he was ready.

But then Isabelle started school and all Alex could talk about was school and how he couldn't wait until it was his turn to go. This surprised me, because a huge part of why we thought he wasn't ready was that he wouldn't want to go. He's kind of clingy at times, especially with Eric. So hearing him say that he was so excited really surprised me.

We started watching him and his interactions with others. And we noticed that he was no longer this shy, clingy child we thought he was. He was outgoing and a willing participant in his sports class and his Sunday school class. He was making friends and talking to his teachers. Plus, we realized that holding him back meant holding Olivia back next year too, since we didn't want them to both be in kindergarten at the same time.

So we began to think that maybe we were making the wrong decision about kindergarten. Maybe he really was ready after all. Were we holding him back for us instead of doing what was best for him?

Eric and I had several discussions about this, but we eventually decided it was too late. He missed the whole first day thing and it wouldn't hurt to keep him at home. We even decided on Monday morning that I'd homeschool him for kindergarten this year, and then have him start first grade next year while Olivia started kindergarten.

Then, Monday afternoon, we received a phone call from our local school. When we initially enrolled Isabelle, the fourth grade was full and so she was displaced to another school within the district. The phone call let us know that there was now a spot for Isabelle at the local school. If we chose to keep her at the school where she was, we'd lose bussing and we'd have to apply for a special waiver.

So, we made the only logical decision to have Isabelle switch schools (and join her new best friend's class). But at the same time, we also saw this as the perfect opportunity to enroll Alex.

We did, and he started Wednesday morning.

He absolutely LOVES it! He is proud and happy and excited.

It's been a little quiet around the house the past two days. Eric, Olivia, Gracie and I aren't quite sure what to do with ourselves. But we're managing just fine, and I know it will get easier for us as time goes on.

But Alex...he's not unsure or having a difficult time adjusting for even a second. After all, he is a kindergartner now. And that is such a finer thing!

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Kim @ Everything Etsy 10:37 PM  

Those are sure to be very treasured photos! They're beautiful!


Monica 1:55 AM  

It's great that you were able to discover that he is ready for school and then the perfect opportunity came for you to send him!

Amy Lynne 7:39 AM  

That's awesome! I'm so glad everything worked out so well!

Cristin 1:41 AM  

I'm glad it worked out too.


Amy @ Finer Things 12:08 PM  

Amazed at how those "God windows" just flew open for you! Good for you to listen and jump right in. Looks like the kids are having a blast. :)

Susan 1:04 PM  

awe~ sigh. i can totally relate to your post. we've sent my second off to pre-k, and her lil brother has started preschool. the littlest and i are still trying to figure out what to do with ourselves with all 3 big kids gone. It's awesome how God worked everything out that you were able to start both kids at the new school too.

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