Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Memories Born From A Yes

One of my favorite things about living where we do is that at least once or twice every year around this time, we are treated to something exceptional. Last night was one of those times.

I was putting dinner on plates when Isabelle called me to come quick. I walked over to the back door where she was standing, looked out the window and saw a sight that still takes my breath away - a hot air balloon.

It was still kind of far away but headed in our direction. So we sat down to eat dinner and decided we'd check on its progress as soon as we were through.

When we went to check on the balloon's progress, we saw there were actually two of them and one looked like it was about to land in the neighborhood next to ours. The kids really wanted to go see that. Who can blame them?

But of course my practical mom brain thought of what time it was. We had dishes to do, dessert to eat, and bedtime routines to take care of. Then a dash of impulse overtook me and I said YES instead.

We quickly threw on our shoes and ran to get a better look. Isabelle made sure I grabbed the camera as we headed out the door. (She wanted to blog about the balloons too!) By the time we got close enough, the balloon was already landed and starting to deflate. As we headed toward home, we realized the second balloon was coming in for a landing across the street.

This time, we got there just in time to see it land. Although we weren't right there, it was an amazing show even from across the street.

The kids stood in awe and watched the balloon. It's a moment that's been etched in my brain forever. I think we all made a lifetime memory together last night.

All because I said yes.

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Sarah 1:01 AM  

This post warms my heart. What a wonderful memory

Sue 8:17 AM  

So cool Kate... and such a special memory for you & the kids! Thanks for sharing it with all of us ;-)

Elizabeth 9:38 AM  

Your kid will always remeber you saying "yes" :)

Amanda from Faith, Food and Family 9:55 AM  

Love this! And what an awesome sight! Sometimes we do just need to say yes. Thanks for sharing that!
God bless,

Amy@ MomsToolbox 10:37 AM  

Ohhhhh! How fun! What a unique opportunity!
I remember seeing hot air balloons floating over our neighborhood once when I was in junior high. They weren't as close as yours, but it was still a wonderful thing to see. :)

Christina 3:50 PM  

Aren't you GLAD you said "yes"? I sometimes have surprising "yes" moments too. They are good.

Amy @ Finer Things 10:31 AM  

Riding in a hot air balloon is on my "Bucket List." I WILL do it someday!

Yay for YES!

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