Thursday, August 13, 2009

2 Nap

After a long, hot day spent in the sun, is there anything finer than crashing on the couch with your sister?

I think not!

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Amy @ Finer Things 12:20 AM  

That is the funniest thing I've seen for awhile. It doesn't even look comfortable, but WOW they are sacked out!

Amy Lynne 7:39 AM  

I just found some pictures of my boys all tangled together like that sound asleep. Too precious!

char 8:19 AM  

Too cute. A few weeks ago my six year old fell asleep in church with her head in her 7yr old sisters lap and the 7 yr old fell asleep layed over her sisters back with her arms around her. It was soooo sweet that half the congregation pulled out their cell phone cameras after the service-of course my phone has no camera! :(


Loooove this!

Raise Them Up 12:07 PM  

That's definitely a picture to keep! Man, that's funny!

Kelly @ Wisdom Begun 3:32 PM  

LOL That is way cute! They look like they are just totally out. Love it!

Stephanie 3:38 PM  

That is the cutest thing!!

Sue 4:40 PM  

So sweet! Looks like they had themselves some good summer fun! Did they sleep that night?

Under the Florida Sun 9:00 PM  

Oh my. If that isn't the cutest thing!! So adorable!

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