Monday, July 20, 2009

Baseball Themed Birthday Party

After Eric and I got the kids to bed last night, we spent some time reveling over our day. It was perfect and we did it!

What, exactly, did we do? We pulled off the best birthday party ever!A few weeks ago we decided that we wanted to do a baseball-themed birthday party for Alex's 5th birthday. We wanted to have lots of people over and make it feel like a day at the ball park. And Alex...well, he wanted all of his cousins to be here, a baseball and some peanuts and hot dogs.I can't even begin to tell you how good it felt for Eric and I to discuss the day and realize that we did everything on our lists. Everybody had a great time, kids and adults included. The food was good, the weather was great and the company was best of all.Earlier in the week we were a little considered about the weather since rain was predicted. We have a HUGE common area as our backyard, but a 1000 square foot condo. Having 12 kids and 8 adults in the backyard is no big deal. But inside would be a little tight. So we were so grateful that the afternoon stayed sunny and clear.

The party menu was pretty simple:

  • Peanuts in bags
  • Homemade cracker jack
  • Nacho chips with cheese and black bean & mango salsa
  • Hot dogs
  • Pasta salad
  • Fruit Kabobs
  • Baseball cake pops
  • Ice cream cups
  • And Faygo to drink - Eric decided that it wouldn't officially be a baseball party without cans of Faygo. Anyone from the Detroit area will agree with us I'm sure.
We didn't go all out for decorations or party games. We had a baseball pinata and a couple plastic bats and balls from the dollar store. That was it. The kids didn't seem to mind not having structured games one bit. In fact, they were just kids having fun playing together. It was great. And us adults got to sit and relax.Alex got lots of great presents. Here is the big one. Eric picked this bike up a few weeks ago and it's been stored at our neighbor's house since then. When he wheeled it in the house, Alex's expression was priceless. All he said was "whoooooooaaaaa..." I wish I had gotten that on camera.
What a great day and a most memorable birthday for Alex. I am so grateful we were able to get everyone from Eric's side of the family together and have this perfect day.

And I am grateful for my little boy turning into a big boy!

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Anonymous,  11:05 AM  

Wow, sounds like a wonderful party :) Those mini baseballs on a stick are cute :)

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