Sunday, June 07, 2009

Menu Plan Monday ~ Week of 6/8

We've been home from our trip to visit my family in Chicago for about 4 hours. I've got to tell you - it feels so good to be home! I don't where you go - a tropical paradise, visiting family or Disney World - coming home just always feels so good, doesn't it? There's just something comforting about home. The kids were sad to leave and we even had to call my mom and dad so that they could say goodnight before going to sleep, but they were happy to be back to our normal routine and their own beds.

On the flip side of that is the unpacking. Why is it so much harder to unpack than it is to pack? I guess packing for a trip brings with it all the promises of fun to be had while unpacking is just a reminder that that fun is over. Fortunately, my mom offered to keep me on top of the laundry and did many loads for me while we were there. I'm still not looking forward to putting it all away though.

But that's exactly what I'll be doing tomorrow. I tend to drag out unpacking over several days. This time I am committed to getting it all done right away. Well, I guess not right away since I'm letting it all sit tonight, but close enough.

Tuesday we'll make our monthly grocery trip. I'm excited to be starting this month on a different foot and I plan to take advantage of the fact that we're already a full week into June. I'm going to still use our alloted budget for the month. With it, I plan to stock the freezer enough to get us halfway through July too. Although since we'll be eating more summery type meals now, I'm mainly planning on stocking breakfast foods and meats. We'll see how it goes.

And since my brain is fried, and even though I'll probably regret this later on in the week, I'm only planning our dinners for the week right now.

  • M - Chicken Ranch Pasta Salad, breadsticks
  • T - Black bean and corn tacos, watermelon
  • W - Beef & broccoli, stir fried rice
  • Th - Roasted red pepper & goat cheese panini, mixed greens salad
  • F - Deviled chicken fingers, oven roasted green beans, rosemary potatoes
  • S - Turkey dogs, potato and macaroni salad, cantaloupe
  • Su - BBQ pork tenderloin, corn on the cob, crashed potatoes
Stop by Org Junkie for more menu plans!


Lisa 6:26 AM  

I saved your Deviled Chicken Fingers recipe, sounds delicious and and easy!
Good luck unpacking! I am one that lets them sit forever and even still live out of them for a day or two! Sad, I know!

KentuckyGal 6:27 AM  

I've been looking for more ways to incorporate meat and salads together. Thanks for the ideas! (My MPM is here.

Sonshine 7:43 AM  

is that chicken ranch salad posted somewhere!??! That sounds good as does the rest of your menu! :)

Welcome home! :)

Sue 2:58 PM  

I am so like you with the unpacking. My hubby comes home and puts everything away right away but me, it'll take a few days to get all signs of the trip gone.

Glad you had a great time and are home safe & sound! Lucky you to have your Mom do some laundry. I had 4 HUGE loads to do Monday. Today was the 2+ hour Iron-athon!

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