Sunday, April 05, 2009

I'm Not Menu Planning This Week

It's a little hard for me to admit, but I am taking this week off from menu planning. Oh, I have a general idea of what I'll be making. There's just nothing set in stone though and I feel like being creative and coming up with some different things this week.

I guess it's kind of hard to plan when I know I won't stick to it. I've got a fridge and pantry full of our regular groceries but none of our usual meals are sounding that good to me right now. On the plus side though, if my creativity is successful throughout the week, I'll have lots of new things to add to our master meal plan.

With summer soon approaching (she says while watching snow cover the ground), I know I won't feel like spending as much time in the kitchen. Having some new meal ideas to incorporate into our weeks will definitely help.

So, no menu plan this week. And I'm okay with that. Really, I am.

If you're a regular menu planner, do you ever feel the need to take a week off from it and just have fun inventing in the kitchen? Or do you take a week off and stick to tried and true recipes?


Niki 6:38 AM  

You go girl. I was like that two weeks ago, in a funk in the kitchen and lost my mojo. Everyone deserves a break. Enjoy

Sonshine 7:17 AM  

Enjoy your break!

I usually am one that if I take a week off I will stick to tried & true recipes because if I don't have a plan my creativity leaves the kitchen too.

Enjoy your week. :)

Christina 1:02 PM  

Oh, yes I do take planning breaks! Time off is vitally important. Depending on my mood, I'll try new things or stick to tried and true recipes that my husband suggests. It all depends. I think there's just something about the changing seasons that demands change, even if it's just whether you menu plan or not (I kind took a break from last week's plan, deviating wildly). ; ) Have fun; I'm looking forward to hearing about the new things you come up with.

MistressManda 1:43 PM  

We're still actually working on a master menu list. I still plan, I just plan for new recipes I can try my hand at. It's so nice to take a break every so often though. I hope you come up with all kinds of creative new meals!

Michele @ Frugal Granola 3:31 PM  

I'm considering not doing one... we just got back from our trip, so I haven't gotten this week's plan done yet. Plus, with all the holidays (Passover, Easter), I already have a pretty good idea of what we'll be eating. :)

Enjoy your week!

Holli T. 4:15 PM  

So funny to read this...

I took last week off and am taking this week off. I feel so rebellious!

I am just winging it. I think I finally just got sick of food... wow. Never thought it would happen!

Forgot how I found your site, but I found it a while ago and have been enjoying it since.

Holli T.

ps - Tonight we're having pancakes for supper... :)

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