Monday, April 27, 2009

Fixing Muffin Troubles

Muffins are an integral part of our breakfast routine. We typically have muffins for breakfast at least once a week, and there are usually at least another dozen or so muffins waiting in the freezer. You would think that would mean that I've figured out all the tricks to muffin making.'d be wrong!

The biggest muffin trouble I run into is that my muffins usually turn out with peaked tops. They still taste good; they just don't look very nice. I have never understood why that happens. So I was excited when I found the answer in the Betty Crocker Cookbook I checked out from the library last week. (This cookbook is a fantastic resource. It's filled with tons of recipes and lots of kitchen tips.)

For anyone else that experiences muffin trouble occasionally, here is the list of "muffin cures" from the book. (In this format: what happened - why)

  • Pale muffins - Oven too cool
  • Peaked & smooth tops - Too much mixing
  • Tough & heavy - Too much flour and/or too much mixing
  • Uneven texture with long holes or tunnels - Too much mixing
  • Dry - Too much flour, oven too hot and/or baked too long
  • Stick to pan - Pan not properly greased
  • Dark crust but center not done - Oven too hot
From now on, I will definitely monitor my mixing!

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Sue 10:40 PM  

What great tips! Who knew about all that mixing? I guess that's why on the mixes they say "until moist" or something like that!

Thanks... and enjoy your muffins this week! Think I need to go make some ;-)

Jen 1:04 PM  

"Stick to pan - Pan not properly greased" LOL


~M 9:19 PM  

According to America's Test Kitchen (p.534), cupcakes form odd peaks at 375ºF; at 350ºF, they form domed tops that are much easier to frost. I wonder if this would apply to muffins.

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