Tuesday, January 06, 2009

When The Doorknob Met The Wall

Alternate Title: Why You Really Should Replace A Broken Door Stopper

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Momstart 1:09 AM  

The poor wall.

Christine 1:15 AM  

Well that stopped the door didn't it!?! YIKES!

Land of Lovings 1:16 AM  

oooh, I have a similar looking one at my house!

Happy WW!

Joelle 3:00 AM  

Ah yes, I have a few patched spots in my home sporting that look... a relatively easy fix...

Tara@Sticky Fingers 4:35 AM  

Sure my house is full of those too! You have to tell people you have mice. Or you're redecorating. Or 'it's the new look for 2009. Didn't you know?'

Running mommy 6:01 AM  

Wow! Did someone get really mad or something???

Tiff 6:41 AM  

We have that in the bathroom. Only it's in the tile. So who's going to fix it?

Cascia 7:15 AM  

oops! I think we've done that before. Happy WW! Mine is up.

pam 8:36 AM  

I have seen that one before!!

Ashlie- Mommycosm 8:58 AM  

Sadly, I have one of those too.

sheila 9:08 AM  

lol! We've got a couple of those. We cover then with the round wall door stoppers. Which will thrill anyone who lives here after we do when they have to patch the walls. ha ha!

Under the Florida Sun 9:48 AM  

Aww. We've had this happen to us, many times. LOL. That's a pretty serious hole.

You have a beautiful blog here. Just stopping by via WW!!

Hope to be back.

Sheila 10:52 AM  

Oh, you just made me so happy that I replace those two door stops on Sunday! :) Sorry that happened!

mom_of2boys 3:07 PM  

Oops! I had a similar looking wall not too long ago.

jayedee 3:34 PM  

whoops! been there! done that!

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