Thursday, January 29, 2009

Toddler Talk

Right at the top of my list of Finer Things is toddler talk. You know - those mispronunciations that are just so cute we can't stand to correct them. Here are a few of my favorites from each of the kids.


  • Corn of macbre = corn on the cob
  • Pupcakes = cupcakes
  • Statula = spatula
  • Grocious = Ferocious
  • Fiber-Man = Spider-Man
  • Nessie = onesie
  • And a whole host of things that I can't even pronounce, much less attempt to spell. His knack of mispronunciation and blending words together has made for some interesting combination. I wish I had a video clip of him saying washing machine. It's priceless!
  • Foon = spoon
  • Barfie - barbie
  • Cutie pie = cooties (as in the game)
  • Dauter = water
  • Gaykey = Gracie
  • Ju = juice
What a sad, sad day it is when they pronounce the word correctly for the first time.

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Wendi 8:35 AM  

I love "toddler talk" too. My current toddler is talking up a storm - I need to remember to write all of his cute words down!

Jessica 9:53 AM  

I love t.t.
My 2 1/2 year old can say TIGER, but not JACKSON (his name). It comes out sounding like TigEson (like he mushed the two together)

Melinda,  10:52 AM  

Oh isn't it just the best when your little one can't quite pronounce a word.
We were actually a little sad when he started saying some of them right.

riggit= ribbit
driver= dryer
Roogy= Ruby (as in Max & Ruby)
twentyten= thirty
Steegens= Stevens (our last name)

Michelle 11:04 AM  

AWE! What a precious, precious blog post!

My favorite thing my 3 year old says is her name: met

Amy @ Finer Things 3:11 PM  

Love it! I've heard some of the same things in my house. I desperately need to write those mispronunciations down before they are corrected and I forget about them. That would be SO SAD!

Michele @ Frugal Granola 4:16 PM  

These are so cute! :) I always giggle when Gen asks to read a "mazagine" (instead of magazine) while she's sitting on the potty. It has me second-guessing myself, when I go to pronounce it! :)

She actually pronounces most of her words surprisingly well, so when the "toddler talk" comes out, it's so precious!

More favorites:
"Bacamimi"= Guacamole
"Mimi"= Movie
"Baba"= Bible
"Puddo"= Puzzle
"Bender"= Blender
"Wandy"= Laundry

Michele :)

5intow 11:09 PM  

So sweet! So many great memories. Just the other day when choosing a movie, my daughter asked if we could watch "Indian in the Covers."

My three year old still thinks I say "Basanya" wrong because I call it lasagna. "Mom, say 'ba - san - ya' basanya."

Yeah, something like that. :-)

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