Wednesday, November 12, 2008

13 Reader-Recommended Books #1

One of the best aspects of participating in the Bloggy Giveaway Carnival a few weeks ago was reading all of the fabulous book suggestions left in the comments. There were so many that I knew I had to share them all. Here are the top 13 suggestions from the first 200 comments. All of these books/series were mentioned more than once, or the author was mentioned more than once. Some of these books I have not read yet. So I'm excited to have a new list for the library. I'll post some more of them next week.

  1. The Twilight Series by: Stephanie Meyer
  2. Pride & Prejudice by: Jane Austen
  3. The Notebook by: Nicholas Sparks
  4. The Pillars of the Earth by: Ken Follett
  5. My Sister's Keeper by: Jodi Picoult
  6. The Redemption Series by: Karen Kingsbury
  7. Redeeming Love by: Francine Rivers
  8. The Poisonwood Bible by: Barbara Kingsolver
  9. Evergreen by: Belva Plain
  10. Flowers For Algernon by: Daniel Keyes
  11. Till We Have Faces by: C.S. Lewis
  12. No Compromise by: Melody Green
  13. The Cider House Rules by: John Irving
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Linda 10:58 PM  

Interesting list of books.

My TT has a Thanksgiving Theme this week.

my blog 11:15 PM  

I love anything by Karen Kingsbury!!

bernieg1 11:25 PM  

Interesting books. I would love to have more time to read. Such great books out there!

My TT is up 13 Things to Consider before Hiring

Alice Audrey 12:19 AM  

Talk about an excellent list!

I know what you mean about being hooked on TT too.

Kristine 4:11 AM  

Great list. I've just started the Twilight series to see what all the hype is about.

Bonnie 4:12 AM  

I loved My Sister's Keeper. Actually, I've loved almost all the Jodi Picoult books I've read. Anything by Karen Kingsbury !! LOVE THEM ALL !! No Compromise ... I've read that one a couple of times !

Great books list !! There are a few here that I haven't read yet. Will have to see if I can find them in my library.

Denise Patrick 10:43 AM  

Wonderful list of books! You'll be reading for a long time, but will have some wonderful adventures!

Happy TT!

Anonymous,  11:07 AM  

I totally agree with My Sister's Keeper and the Francine Rivers one - both are excellent. And I think everyone should read Jane Austen!

sherilee 11:43 AM  

Great list of books! I have loved Jane Austen from the first time I read it as a tween. And CS Lewis is a classic too.

~Just Me~ 12:00 PM  

Nice list! I love Nicholas Sparks!

CC 12:37 PM  

I've read about 1/2 of those and never heard of the other 1/2!

Christina 12:57 PM  

Hmmm. Interesting. I like how Pride and Prejudice is #2. ; ) I loved "No Compromise" and would highly recommend it. I don't think I've read any of the others, though. I may have to take a look at some of them.

Robert 3:54 PM  

What a great list! I have read about half of the books on the list and I am really excited to check out some of the others. I am always looking for great book recommendations. Thanks!


Anonymous,  8:43 PM  

What an interesting list of books...a little something from several genres. I've written down the titles of the ones I haven't read to add to my list!

Happy TT!

Amy 11:18 PM  

I've loved all of the Nicolas Sparks (The Notebook) books that I've read. I need another baby so I can nurse again for many hours a day. That's when I get all of my reading done, LOL!

Diana M 9:43 PM  

Wide variety on your list...I haven't seen Flowers For Algernon by: Daniel Keyes noted anywhere in a long time. Thanks for sharing..

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