Friday, September 12, 2008

Oh Those Finicky Fours

Or to be more accurate, the stubborn, whiny, frustrating, opinionated, loud and finicky fours.

For some reason, I've never had much of a problem with the supposed "terrible twos" or threes, but age four really seems to strike a nerve with me. Somedays I think it is the whining that is the worst, and other days I think it is the temperament. Whatever it is, four is definitely my least favorite age.

Now don't get me wrong, there are all kinds of neat things that occur in a four year old. But from my experience, the desire for mom and dad's approval decreases as the testing of boundaries increases. Testing of boundaries is wonderful and critical to growth, but boy does it exhaust me. And knowing that we'll get the joy of going through this age all over again in 9 months just makes it that much more tiring.

Can anyone enlighten me on what exactly it is that makes four such a difficult age? Or am I the only one that feels this way? What do you think is the most difficult age?


Courtney 9:23 PM  

For me, four was pretty tough. And five definitely pushes limits--with more attitude. Wish I had advice, but this is my first run through it. As we're pushing six, though, there are many more better days than not. So there is relief in sight. You'll make it!

Amy 9:31 AM  

Although their little minds are always sponges, I think around this age their development shifts from so much physical growth and change to a lot of cognitive growth. They learn to think for themselves more. They grow socially, emotionally, and can express themselves better with that increasing vocabulary (where did she hear THAT word?!?). All good things... but it sure does bring on some frustration!

That's a very ornery grin, by the way!

Alisa 11:42 AM  

Four is definitely the toughest. I think they are losing as they lose their babyness and become real kids, it's just tough all around. Half the time, I'm not even sure they know what they're fighting for/against! Good luck.

Anonymous,  4:29 PM  

I LOVED 4. We could have done 4 over and over :}
Maybe it's different with girls. I enjoyed the independence and conversations and seeing all their interests. Except I do vaguely remember driving for 5 hours with the first child at age 4. She talked the entire time.

Nancy 5:04 PM  

I think every age has difficulties to some degree. I think they feel like they're in limbo; they know their not babies but they're not big kids either, although that's exactly what they want to be.

Jennifer 7:45 PM  

I have always thought that 2 had its bad parts, 3 was worse and 4 was the worst! At 5 it gets better. My youngest is now 4 and it is just awful! I can't wait to get through this stage.

Joyce 6:30 AM  

Wait a few years and you'll be wishing for four again. Middle school wins the prize! Saw your blog from Barefoot in High Heels.

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